Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dear Mr. AP...

An open letter to an Assistant Principal...

Dear Mr. AP,
I think you've lost sight of why were here. We are not here to be a winner in the game of who's right. Were not here to prove each other wrong or show each other whose boss. We are not here for a pissing match. Nor were we sent to make each others life miserable.

We are here for a child. A child that YOU should WANT to succeed.

I understand that you have been "doing this a long time", but don't dismiss me as being ignorant.
Maybe you have been doing this for a while, but so have I. The difference, however, is that I have more to loose. I fight with my heart because he, who I fight for, is my life and I can not, will not let him down. I can not fail him. I will go down swinging at every obstacle you throw at me and I will succeed in the end because it is whats right and there have been laws put into place to protect him from people just like you.

Also, I think you lack common courtesy or decency or maybe both. Maybe you just have no balls, I don't know. You have been against us all year, and today, when we learned YOU were in the wrong, you had someone else call. I think it should have been you, eating a slice of humble pie with your apology. Seems you are not the "expert" you thought you were. Also seems like you lack the ability to take responsibility for your actions and/or mistakes. You are suppose to be a roll model, Mr. AP, but I would prefer MY child to look up to a man with manners, kindness and a little empathy.

Having said all of this, I do hope, Mr. AP, that maybe, just maybe, when August rolls around... we can start the new year fresh. Positive even. With answers in place of the brick walls. With "we can" in place of "we can't". I hope that we can focus on the reason we are here. I hope we can move past wanting to be right and DO what is right for a child that needs us to work as a team.

He is counting on us, however, if you choose not to change... he will always have me and I will not let him down. You have my word on that.

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