Friday, February 22, 2013

The DOC Rocks - The School... not-so-much

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” 
― John Holmes

This really is a great community. Anything from medical supplies to information... it's yours when you need it. I asked one person for a help; and not only did he help me... he recruited others to help me too. Thank you, Scott, for not only getting me the information I needed, but also giving the strength to pick myself back up and go another round.

I haven't been able to sleep much.The upcoming meeting at Justin's school had my mind in constant motion. Oh, did I mention that? Yeah, we had a meeting a few weeks ago. I've been through these meetings before, but this is a new school for Justin. We are no longer in the comfort of an elementary school. I've never volunteered here. I didn't spend years on the board. I have never built a relationship with anyone. I couldn't... I had to go back to work instead.

So this meeting(the one a few weeks ago)- it went "okay". I asked for an additional accommodation because Justin seems to be "missing" stuff. He has a shit load of stuff going on... on top of D, Justin was dx'd with absent seizures, meaning he "looses time". Granted there's medication for this, but let me tell you... I'm not sure which is worse, the medication or the seizures themselves. That's a couple of the challenges Justin faces... he has other medical dx's as well, all of which mess with the mind and impairs brain function. One alone may or may not be easily overcome, but all together... he needs a little help.! I think we do pretty damn well considering.

But I digress...

Due to seizures, side effects of medication(ie: memory loss, inability to focus, loss of time etc...) I asked for communication, however the teacher wanted to go about it, of all assignments that needed to be completed at home- in order to ensure they are completed and turned in on time. This is an issue... he missing instructions.

I was there well over two hours... the teachers had to leave long before I did(apparently they have classes to teach?? I dunno!) so the excuse that day was that the teachers weren't there to "agree". I thought we were all on the same page before they left, but okay.

So I hear nothing... I give it a week and reach out the guidance counselor. I get a call back and argue my point, once again, before she reluctantly agrees. I was told I would have the updated 504 to look at by the end of that week.

Instead, I get an email with an apology. Another entire week goes by - so that following Monday I call. You see, we were suppose to have the 504 in place before conference night(which was tonight); when I called... conference night was only 3 days away.

Finally, Tuesday afternoon, Justin brings home the new plan. It reads "Justin will write the assignments in his agenda. At the end of class he will give it to the teacher to initial and if the assignments are not there... the teacher will communicate with parent". Great! Give Justin an opportunity and add in a back up plan, right?

I was okay with this and signed the new plan thinking everything was set. Only, it wasn't. Apparently, "some" of the teachers did not agree. "They don't feel it is their responsibility to communicate his assignments with me". WHY DIDN'T WE CONSULT THEM AT SOME POINT IN THE LAST THREE WEEKS??????????? Wasn't that the point of not doing it that day??? Mind you... I didn't get a call about that. I found out at the conference; the conference where we were going to "go over the new plan with the teacher". UN FUCKING BELIEVABLE!!! So essentially, that conference was a waist of my time because I now have to go to ANOTHER meeting, where the district ESE supervisor will be called in to "hash it out".

Believe me, I am not asking for a free ride here, I am not ignorant to the fact that things will get more challenging as Justin gets older. I worry every single day about my choices, but the alternative is to do nothing and let him fail, when he did not choose to have these disabilities. He did not choose to take this medication... I am the one who hands it to him every single day.

HE had no say in the matter.

I have no choice but to help him... it is my job. I will just have faith that it will all work out in the end and I will have to face the future... well, in the future.

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