Sunday, August 23, 2009

Today... Tomorrow... Then SCHOOL!!!

So Mom (that's me) is starting to get rather excited about the first day of school. Quiet house, no more toys in the hallway or family room, no more "mommy-mommy-mommy" calls for no apparent reason. Setting the Diabetes aside, if I can for just a moment, it will be nice to have a small break and no one here saying "but I still play with that" when I am trying to clean.
Granted~ I will be nervous, but I am confident for the first time at the start of a new year that Justin is in good hands :) I even found out Friday that his AGP teacher this year has a nursing background. (wait... deep breath... exhale... phew, that feels great!)
The kids on the other hand are not wanting to get back on a schedule... not looking forward to homework. (Well... I'm with em there... but there's always a downside-right?)

Happy Sunday Y'all!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some days you wonder if your gonna make it!!

Today sure had it ups and downs... no pun intended! The anxiety of school makes Justin's numbers fall for some reason and today was no exception; however... it was just meet & greet.
OH DEAR!! HERE WE GO!! 206 to 49 just in the amount of time it took us to meet 2 teachers.

Then... since this was a crazy night for me (I volunteered to sell uniform shirts from 3 to 7); Daddy agreed to let them have McDonald's... okay... then Daddy said they could have a sundae... hmmm... okay... so you'd think that his sugar would be rather high~ How about 165 before the sundae to 52...what???

Please tell me it gets better one the "honeymoon" stage is over... I sure hope it's not worse.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Countdown till school continues...

It's Wednesday morning, there's 6 days to go. I stopped by the nurses office yesterday, turned in my signed paperwork and gave her a brief sugar update. Now all I have to do is gather/drop off testing and emergency supplies, track down his daily schedule, make a tentative snack plan and talk to all his teacher's...
On a good note~ I did officially meet his teacher yesterday:) she's nice and she will be there when school starts~ woo hoo! I also, learned that she recently went through diabetes classes b/c she had gestational diabetes (She just had her baby 7 weeks ago). Granted, it's not exactly the same, but it's one step ahead of the game and she seems completely comfortable having Justin in her class. NICE!!! So,while in conversation with her... I mentioned that I would like to come in and discuss their schedule and talk about Justin's snack times (if needed), symptoms, what it means when he gets a"whineytude". She was quickly welcoming, said to come in any day... I almost love her already!!!
I suppose in the craziness of everything... it's nice for something to easily fall into place every now and then.

Sometimes kids say the oddest things... Justin informed me that he thought his teacher would be stressed, but he looked at her picture in last year's yearbook and "she (his teacher) doesn't look stressed at all!!" What brought that up?? What, is he use to the women around him being stressed so he assumes all women are? Does he think I'M STRESSED?? Is it that obvious?? I need to reflect on this a while!!!

Happy Wednesday y'all

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Item may be smaller than it appears...

Let me tell you that the Jr. Sunday we received... well, it did not look like this one! I think it made baby boy a little mad and I can't blame him. All excited for 2 bites of ice cream(okay, maybe 3 bites). I guess you could say it was definitely "low carb". (lol)
I love sonic, but this one was a "little" disappointing. (no pun intended)
Wish you all a happy Sunday!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Count down to school

10 days to go until the 1st day of school. I found out the names of my kids new teachers today and I have to say, I am a little stressed! Baby boy's new teacher was expecting her first child this summer; does this mean she will not be there when school starts? What if she decides not to return-will we be stuck with multiple subs this year? The hubby tells me not to stress... yeah, easy for him to say!! I do hear she is a good teacher~ I will just cross my fingers that she will be there to prove it and I don't have to deal with subs, subs and more subs!!!

Baby boy had a pretty low day today; for some unknown reason, his levels dropped below 50 a few times. This is a definite switch from the constant "highs" we've had lately. I told him that if his sugar wasn't too bad that I would give him a treat tonight... he hasn't had a sundae in a while and Sonic has these "Jr. Candy Sundae's". We are going to give them a try... he is sooo excited(I am too!!)

Happy Saturday!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bull's Eye Breakfast

Here's a low carb breakfast that was a "Bull's Eye" for baby boy.
Sissy found it in her handy little Paula Deen Kids Cookbook.
She's so sweet...she cooked us breakfast this morning and I do love me some Paula Deen food; this one is also pretty low carb.

These photos were found on google...
I had a brain fart and forgot to take them!
I thought the one on the right was sweet with the heart shaped center

You need:
butter (hello~ it is Paula Deen)
cut a hole in center of the bread (I used a small glass)
melt some butter in a pan (stove on med/low setting)
lay the bread in the pan, crack the egg into the hole and sprinkle a little S&P
cook until golden brown and flip... (add a little more butter while the bulls eye is out of the pan) once that side is golden brown... it is ready to eat.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good day with THE DOC!!!

Okay, so I stress out every time I visit the Endocrinologist. I think it's because at a little vendor type fair they had when baby boy was first diagnosed, I met a mom that stated the doctor was real tough and kinda yelled at her if you will... mind you this was before I actually had a real appt. with him. So every appointment I have- I'm prepared for!!! Well that mom must have been either sensitive or not even trying to maintain her child's sugar because we haven't been "yelled at" yet. (phew!!)
I should also mention that we have a wonderful doctor(Dr. DeClue) I have never waited or been rushed out of the room~ I think he is the only doctor I know that doesn't overbook. (I probably shouldn't brag because I'll end up waiting and rushed on my next appt:)

So like any smart woman would... after the doctor we went shopping!!! Hey~ why not?
I am a little late with buying school stuff this year~ I am usually done by now and after today I remember why. EVERYTHING is picked over~ and if you find something, it's out in the size we need. Plus, I don't mean to vent, but when are these stores going to realize that Floridian's do not need jackets, sweaters and jeans in August, September, October November or even December(usually). It's hot here!!! Give us shorts!!!

That's all you need to hear of that...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Frozen treat(super low carb)

Okay, so your child wants a treat but his/her sugar level is just not cooperating... us Mom's have to get creative right? We'll here's a treat my baby boy loves... the best part is that it has practically no carbs and it's easy to make.

Here it is... are you ready?
~Frozen Reddiwhip!!~

That's right, good old spray whip cream... I put it in a sundae dish and pop it in the freezer... ready to eat within 30ish min and it tastes like ice cream.

There is less than 1carb in 2tbs of Reddiwhip.
Granted~ there is about 4(maybe 5) servings in this photo but when those little eyes look at you sooo sadly because they haven't has a "treat" in weeks... this one wont throw them over the edge.

Talking it out feels GOOD!

It's just shy of 9 months since my sweet boy was diagnosed with this horrid disease. We are still in the "honeymoon stage" though my professional mom opinion tells me that it may not be much longer. They say we caught it early- and I guess we did compared to most. Baby boy(that's what we'll call him even though he would not be happy about it) luckily didn't get admitted to the hospital like some cases; instead, we were given a choice: hospital tonight or an appointment with the Endo at 7am the next morning. Obviously the choice was clear!

I did fell terrible for baby boy though; he had worked hard to achieve perfect attendance at school and if what he was faced with wasn't enough... he lost his trophy too.

I can sill remember hearing the news like it was yesterday. We didn't take him to the doctor for that... I was in search of a referral to see a Psychologist. See, we had been having a bit of a tough year at school and I swore it was causing him to wet the bed!!! Baby boy was 7 then and had not done that in some time, now all of a sudden... every night since a couple weeks after school started. SOOOO- when the doctor came in and shared the actual news... I was in complete shock!! Like I was in the room, but I wasn't there and I wasn't hearing this (just thinking about it still makes my stomach turn, my chest hurt and my eyes water). Our Pediatrician was wonderful though, she had a nurse take both kids(his "sissy" was there also) out of the room so that I could then breath and let the water works start while she gave me as much info and support as I could possible handle at that point. She spent more than my share of time with me that afternoon, and I greatly appreciated that. Both of my kids have seen these pediatricians since they were born and poor baby boy has seen them(and many other doctors) more than sissy, daddy and myself combined.

Sometimes, I don't get it, why is it always the same child over and over again? He was perfectly healthy until he was about 18 months old. Then it was an immune deficiency, tubes(twice), adenoids... (the list goes on!!). I sometimes wonder if the immune deficiency meant anything?
(that's just my OCD need to understand WHY personality).

I guess this is enough sharing for one day. We have a Endo appt. tomorrow afternoon so I am sure I will share my thought with you all on that...

I encourage you all to talk it out, this actually felt great. I know that I do not live with the disease in the same way that baby boy does... but it's hard on us moms(dads and sissy's too).

Blog to you soon!!

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