Sunday, August 23, 2009

Today... Tomorrow... Then SCHOOL!!!

So Mom (that's me) is starting to get rather excited about the first day of school. Quiet house, no more toys in the hallway or family room, no more "mommy-mommy-mommy" calls for no apparent reason. Setting the Diabetes aside, if I can for just a moment, it will be nice to have a small break and no one here saying "but I still play with that" when I am trying to clean.
Granted~ I will be nervous, but I am confident for the first time at the start of a new year that Justin is in good hands :) I even found out Friday that his AGP teacher this year has a nursing background. (wait... deep breath... exhale... phew, that feels great!)
The kids on the other hand are not wanting to get back on a schedule... not looking forward to homework. (Well... I'm with em there... but there's always a downside-right?)

Happy Sunday Y'all!!!!

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