Thursday, September 3, 2009

The "low" side of school

We are almost through the second week of school... the school nurse and I have decided that feelings (excitement, anxiety, stress etc...) play a big part in Justin's sugar levels. We came to this "educated" decision because no matter what I did this summer, Justin stayed high and no matter what he eats at school, he is dangerously low??? (in the 30's)
"Honeymoon stage"~ Who's bright idea was it to call this a honeymoon anyways?

So after countless hours of talking to the nurse... the teacher... the agp teacher... lunchroom lady... and back to the nurse... I think we have him set. He's a little higher than I would like, but were working on it.

So that's almost in order and Mom's thinking she's good to go... Nooooowa! Poor Justin just can't do anything the easy way. We headed down to the ENT doctor yesterday for another follow up visit~ Justin has had this 2nd set of tubes for a while now. Come to find out... they should have fallen out about 10 months ago and 1 ear hasn't budged. So now, we get to go back in for surgery to remove the tubes that should fall out on their own... but they didn't. OMG~ SERIOUSLY?
And now we sit and wait for a surgery date pending Dr. Declue's (Endo) approval/special instructions.
Wish me luck!! On the other hand; forget luck... wish me sanity!

Happy Thursday!!!

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