Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tomorrow's the big day... YIKES!

After 3 years, Justin's ears will be free from the tiny plastic tubes that have kept the infections away. Not sure what this means... do the infections start all over again or have we grown out of that phase? Hmmm? Part of me wishes the doc would replace rather than remove... but nothing could be that easy. If it was... the tubes would have fallen out a year ago like they were suppose to.
Though I am sure I was over reacting due to this being Justin's 1st surgery since he was diagnosed, I did have to throw a little "mom fit" today when the nurse called to tell me the surgery time. They had him scheduled for 9:30.

Mom: Um... you know he's diabetic right? And that he needs insulin?
Nurse: You can give him his insulin
Mom: but he can't eat~right?
Nurse: not past midnight tonight
Mom: Did you read that he goes EXTREMELY LOW? Like in the 30's and 40's low? He does this daily around 9/9:30 daily even after breakfast and a snack.
Nurse: well you can give him a juice up to 6am
(thinking... how is that going to help?)
Mom: I have been instructed that I can not skip his insulin and I cant guarantee that I wont have to give him juice or something after 6am... actually I can guarantee he won't make it.
Nurse: Hold on.................... okay, his surgery is scheduled for 7:30am. Please do not give him any fluids past 4am.
As if I am actually going to wake up my 8 year old at 4am TO GIVE HIM JUICE? Noooowa~ I'm not nuts... I'm letting him sleep until we have to go!

The downside to my "fit"... I have to leave my house about 6:10....AM. Serves me right, but I'm gonna need some coffee!

On a good note, Justin is taking the news of the procedure surprisingly well. I think he even tried to use it as leverage tonight... he needed to watch what he wanted to on TV cause he was having surgery... lol... nice try buddy, you can get away with that one tomorrow.

To get my mind off the dreaded day tomorrow...
I will tell you what we(the family) did last night. This was a hoot... the school had it's annual skate night and usually, I take the kids and watch from the side lines as Justin zips by his sister over and over again (she not as daring as he is).
But not last night... oh no!
My hubby came home from work on time for a change and was dragged along for the heck of it. As payback, I am sure of it, he decides that we are ALL going to skate. This caused a change in my plans of sitting on the bench amazed that the orange shag carpet on the walls is the exact same orange shag carpet that was there 20 "some" years ago when I was cool and hung out at good ol Skateland. SERIOUSLY... it is the same carpet and it is just as dirty as it was back then.

SO, here we all are... skates on feet and I am thinking... "please don't fall in front of the other school moms". (I didn't fall by the way... phew!) And I do have to admit, though I'm rusty... I can still skate"for a mom" and we had fun. On the other hand, I am sadly out of shape.

I will try and update on Justin's surgery tomorrow...
Happy Thursday!

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