Thursday, September 10, 2009

TGIF... well almost!

Even with a short week(due to Labor day) I can not wait for the weekend. This is merely the 3rd week of school and I am already over the 6am alarm. On the upside, I did have a productive week; I turned in the paperwork to become a substitute teacher(this literally took all day), had lunch with the hubby twice, found Justin some running shoes (he wants to run with me?), signed up for boy scouts and girl scouts, had a Dr.'s appt., and even got the house nice and clean:). Now if I could only wave my magic wand to do the laundry... all would be good in Lora's world.

On a Justin note... his sugar is still consistent... consistently ALL OVER THE PLACE. 170 one day and 48 the next??
We also just found out that we have to have his tubes removed. Yes, most kids do it the easy way and them bad boys just fall on out... Justin doesn't know how to do things easy; so on the 18th, we go in for removal. I guess it is time... as of next month they will be in there for 3 years.
If anyone can tell me how they did with insulin and surgery, I would appreciate it. I did get instructions from the endo... but I am a little nervous.

Tomorrow, the hubby is home from work and I have been informed that we will be going to purchase Guitar Hero 5... I guess you know what we will be doing all afternoon. That's right, we are Guitar Hero junkies. (lol) He also said we were cleaning the garage this weekend... lets hope he forgets that part:)

Happy Friday (a bit early)

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Shamae (Ghost written by Loren her hubby) said...

Well it sounds like you HAVE been productive! Good job! I hear ya about the all over blood sugars! And, as a sidenote, we are guitar hero junkies in our home too!

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