Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's happening at our house...

I am so behind! That is the story of my life these days... er the last 18 months that is.

That's right~ it has officially been 18 months since D-day (Oh wait! It's been 18 months and ummm ~ 6 days... did I mention I am behind?).

Anyh0o, I just wanted to do a quick post just in case you missed me :) BAHAHAHAHAHA!

1. I volunteered to help during the JDRF Walk in Lakeland this past weekend. The Ack pack just walked a few weeks ago at the walk in Tampa, so I gave of my time instead.
Now you would think that most of the wonderful peeps volunteering their time would have great knowledge of what they are volunteering for right? NOPE!

There was this church group (God luv em!). Bigger fellows if you will :)
I am standing beside them at the check in table. They are chatting. One of then says "I don't understand why they would have all those donuts here. It's all that sugar that caused this anyways".

I think my eyes popped out of my head. Did I say something? DAMN SURE DID!
Me~ Actually sugar doesn't cause it at all.

The guy who actually said it and needed to listen walked away. However, one guy did stay and chat with me for a good 15 min. I appreciated that and I can only hope that he went back and smacked the other guy upside the head :)

I went through the whole spiel... autoimmune vs metabolism... does not make insulin vs does make insulin and does not utilize it properly... my son CAN and DOES have the occasional donut. You know the speech.
The guy that listened to my mini vent was super nice. I apologized for jumping into his conversation, but explained how the mix up between the 2 types is rather agitating to us T1 parents. Let's face it... we have enough issues without being judged (at least I do).

Other than that... it was interesting. I greeted lots of people. Passed out lots of burgers and called it a day :)

2. Yesterday I had an Endo appt. Nothing exciting. He thinks were doing good. Justin's a1c has consistently been creeping up... it is now 6.9 (not bad, but I don't like the rising trend).
He says that our higher numbers lately are more typical of a diabetic and that the lows are still honeymoon stage. When does the Honeymoon end? He did not change any of his dosage.

That was that!

3. I have not been able to find out any info about the art teacher. But I will say she has been disgustingly nice??? I am not a big fan of such nonsense!!!

4. I am ready to give away (for free) one 10 year old with a bitchy PMS type of attitude.
Please leave your name and address and I will overnight her immediately :) NO RETURNS PLEASE!

5. I LOST 7 POUNDS!!!!

6. I took me 4 days to recover from day 1 of 30 day shred. I just did day 2 yesterday. My body doesn't hurt AS BAD this time... I might try again today :)

7. I fell asleep in front of my laptop and missed Sunday chat :( That does not make me happy.
I feel out of the loop and sad.

I think that's about it...

My house was clean yesterday and today it looks like a tornado blew through. I guess I better get motivated to clean up the aftermath.

Happy Tuesday!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nickelodeon ROCKS!!

We came across a good deal and decided to spend a couple days at the Nickelodeon Resort in Orlando. What a GREAT idea! The kids had a blast. We didn't feel the need to go to any of the parks... why would we? Look at this pool area.

This is just one of them. The main one... where all the "STUFF" happens.
See Justin? It's like playing wheres Waldo...


There was SLIME!!!
My kids seriously spent the whole day waiting for "Slime Time".
Here is the sweet sissy...
And Justin meeting Sponge Bob...

They even had poolside entertainment where "lucky" people were slimmed...

This was the other pool... not bad either (just quiet)!

The best part is... not how happy they are.

Not that they were WORN OUT!!! (that was just a bonus)
But that D was well behaved.
Extra checks and extra snacking of course... but nothing that wasn't expected.
I'll take it.

We are already talking about going back. Anthony and I just sat back in perfectly chosen lounge chairs and enjoyed a few tasty drinks and the sunshine :) It.was.great!
On a side note: The life guards were ON IT. I don't think I have ever been that impressed with life guards. Every 15 min. a whistle would blow and they would circle the pool and change posts.
And boy they are tested. I saw a life guard go in... it was quite the scene.
Luckily when she pulled the BABY out of the water... it was a realistic looking doll.
The hotel actually planted it.

Good Times!!!!
I say we all meet up there :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Justin's 1st solo playdate...

After 9 years of excuses I caved. Gave in. Cut the umbilical cord as my hubby calls it.

But it wasn't that easy as you all know. The worry that is. How will it go? Will D cooperate?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, because Justin had a GREAT time. He was soooo excited that I finally agreed (even if it was with resistance). There eas no diabetes while he was there (Yes, I know it is ALWAYS there, but you know what I mean).

I checked his BS. 121... that's good, but I gave him 2 cookies (13 carbs) just to ease my mind.

I agreed to 1 hour, but gave him a little longer because his friends mom seemed pretty comfortable with the mention of D and said over and over that he can stay "as long as he wants".
Besides, he was literally right around the corner.

Now for the NO... an hour and a half after I dropped Justin off... he was home.
BS check reveled a 55. REALLY?

Then... 25 minutes later he dropped to 38 (not sure why he checked again because no one told him to... dinner time habit I guess).

So lets think about this...
His morning insulin SHOULD have been out of his system.
His BS was 121 with no I.O.B.
Add in 13 carbs... BS should go up right?
Almost exactly 2 hours later... he's 38. WHY?

So what if I would have let him stay? What if dinner wasn't almost ready and I let him stay 30 more minutes? What if I agreed to 2 hours?

I hate thinking that way, but do I have a choice?


I guess for now we will be sticking to the SHORT play dates (if they can pry him out of my arms). Not because I don't trust Justin or other moms for that matter. But because I can't even trust 2 hours.

Am I crazy??? What would you do?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To some amazing ladies...

I received this email from a friend and I thought of all the WONDERFUL ladies that help me stand Strong. You guys are amazing and I would still be a crazy mess without you.

Dear God:
The lady reading this is beautiful, classy and strong, and I love her..

Help her live her life to the fullest.

Please promote her and cause her to excel above her expectations.

Help her shine in the darkest places where it is impossible to love.

Protect her at all times, lift her up when she needs you the most, and let
her know when she walks with you, She will always be safe.

Love you Girls!!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The DAMN art teacher!!!

Nope I didn't accidentally use potty language. If you ask me... this is polite considering.
(as you read this... keep in mind that this particular teachers has had several complaints against her. She is known to be mean and cranky according to the kids. Justin likes art. He's good at it. He says she's mean, but I have never said anything because "mean" isn't exactly grounds for the wrath of mama.)

Back to the story...
Here in the good ol Sunshine State, some nut job came up with the idea of half days. Rather than paying our awesome teachers more money... they decided to give them more planning time in the form of a half day. On these days (which occur on average 2 times per month) our darling little children get out of school 2 hours early to give the teachers more planning time.

This just messes up their whole schedule.


This past Wednesday was a dreaded half day. When Justin gets home he says "I had to talk to Mrs. Principal today".

This statement caused mom to come to a screeching halt. "What was that buddy?". As my mind races through all the possible things the little stinker may have done to deserve this "talk" with said Mrs. Principal.

Come to find out... Justin and 2 other boys have been getting IN TROUBLE ALL YEAR because they are late to art class on half days.

WHY are they late? Because Justin has to go to the nurse to check his bg.

Here's Justin's schedule:
He goes to AGP (gifted program for math/science) right after the morning bell.
He leaves AGP at 10:10 and goes straight to the nurse for his am check. He does this E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y.


On the half day schedule... they get out of AGP early at 9:10 and are SUPPOSE to be in art at 9:10. (side note... they would be late even if Justin didn't have to stop by the nurse).

Back to the point...
On this past half day...
Justin runs into the nurses office frantic. Dropping things. Hurried.
The nurse has him slow down, but Justin doesn't want to get him and his friends in trouble for being late.

Off they go to class...
Ms. Art Teacher: "well let's just see how late we are today... 6 minutes".
Justin: "we were at AGP and then I had to go to the nurse".
Ms. Art Teacher: "I don't care about AGP and I don't care about the nurse".

THEN Ms. Art Teacher) turns to his friends and says: "Do you two think it fair that you have to miss the FUNNEST part of art BECAUSE OF JUSTIN?"


I guess Justin was upset. Almost to the point of tears in his eyes.

After art, the kids came back to class and surrounded the teachers desk. (Justin tagged along)
"Mrs. O, we feel really bad for Justin because of because of Ms. Art Teacher. He was really sad".

Long story short: Principal was called. Principal came down and talked individually to several students including Justin and his 2 nurse buddies.

Thursday I did a little confirming. Then I went to the Principal. Who, after listening to my concerns, thought we should have a "care plan meeting". Not what I had in mind, but if you want one.
She called the Art teacher and confirmed a conference for 2:45 Friday.

Before I made it home (10min away). The art teacher had already called my house. HMMM? I dismissed it.

The next morning I ran the kids to school. When I came home. This message was on my voice mail: "Mrs. Me. This is Ms. Art Teacher from Name of School (Duh lady... I know who ya are!)
I just wanted to inform you that I spoke to Mrs. O, I spoke to Mrs. AGP teacher and I spoke to the nurse. I have made arrangements for Justin to leave AGP 7 minutes early so that he can go to the nurse and get to my art class on time. If you could call the school and confirm I would appreciate it so that we can avoid the LONG LENGTHY CONVERSATION".

The tone of her voice. Her informing me that SHE changed Justin's schedule.

I.WAS.STEWING! Was she covering her ass? Was she trying to avoid this meeting because she knew? Does she think I'm stupid? Or a pushover?

Leave math early to make it to art... what doesn't seem right about this?

THEN it happened... not even 2 min after I listened to the voice mail. My cell phone rang.

This better not be her... this better not be her... IT WAS HER!

Same cocky tone to her voice. Part way through the 2nd sentence I stopped her.
"Ya know, I am not really sure why your calling me when we have a conference today with Mrs. Principal."

She continues...

I stopped her again. I then let her know that "we Will NOT be changing Justin's schedule
and again... I am not sure why you are calling me. All of these things WILL be discussed during our conference today WITH Mrs. Principal present."

At this point... I.WAS.PISSED!
She should have just let it go and attended the conference.

NOW mama's mad!

NOW the gloves came off (or I put them on... not sure which)

NOW I will be having more than a "care plan" meeting today.

At that point... I started to get prepared. I wrote down comments so that I could remember. I printed the Code of Ethics and highlighted the ones she violated (Yes, I went there). I was ready!

I walk into the meeting with Anthony who came home early to attend.

There was the Principal, the Art teacher and the school nurse.

We sat down. The principal started off with the typical speech of why we are all here and then she handed it over to me to "share my concerns" (I do hate this part).

I went over what was said in class that day.

I told her how she singled him out and how she made him feel.

I told her not ONLY did she do this to a child, but she took a child whom has been documented to have anxiety and low self esteem due to all that he has been forced to deal with.

I told her she caused him more stress because ALL YEAR he has been getting himself and his friends in trouble for being late.

I told her she embarrassed him in front of ALL his classmates and made him feel more different and alone than he already does. For something that he has no choice of. Something that he can NEVER change.

I told her how UNACCEPTABLE this is.

I told her how I WISH he didn't have to take injections and poke his sore fingers.

I asked her what would happen if Justin came to her in the middle of class and told her he didn't feel well? I asked her how I know he would be sent to check?

OR WORSE!! What happens if he doesn't tell you? What if, because of your behavior, Justin doesn't come to you? What if he waits 10 more minutes? What if that 10 minutes is to long? What then?

She tried to sell us this lightened version of her comments to the kids, but the principal chimed in with a students statement from an interview.

Hearing it out load made my blood pressure rise all the more.

I read this line out of the Code of Ethics: "Shall not intentionally expose a student to unnecessary embarrassment or disparagement".

I told her that among others... she violated this part of the code of ethics. She cause a child embarrassment and emotional stress because of his medical disability. And that's unacceptable.

AND because she is known to retaliate with snide remarks...

I told her that if a comment is made to Justin or anyone one else about our meeting or my complaint that it will go WAY ABOVE anyone sitting in this room today. AND I would like to confirm that he will no longer be in trouble for being late to art on half days.

At some point after that she mentioned that she is going to "accommodate me". (UM you have no choice sunshine) The nurse and the Principal let her know that there is no "accommodation" necessary... that's just the way its going to be.

She said that since I didn't value art that it was fine for Justin to be 10 min late, but not the other 2 students. An adult from the office would need to walk him down. ~WHATEVER!

I then let her know... with tears in my eyes. I never said that art wasn't important. But having said that... I bet the families of the 3 children who have died in the last two weeks from this awful disease... would give ANYTHING for their child to miss 10 minutes of art right now.

I didn't have much else to day after that.

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