Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's happening at our house...

I am so behind! That is the story of my life these days... er the last 18 months that is.

That's right~ it has officially been 18 months since D-day (Oh wait! It's been 18 months and ummm ~ 6 days... did I mention I am behind?).

Anyh0o, I just wanted to do a quick post just in case you missed me :) BAHAHAHAHAHA!

1. I volunteered to help during the JDRF Walk in Lakeland this past weekend. The Ack pack just walked a few weeks ago at the walk in Tampa, so I gave of my time instead.
Now you would think that most of the wonderful peeps volunteering their time would have great knowledge of what they are volunteering for right? NOPE!

There was this church group (God luv em!). Bigger fellows if you will :)
I am standing beside them at the check in table. They are chatting. One of then says "I don't understand why they would have all those donuts here. It's all that sugar that caused this anyways".

I think my eyes popped out of my head. Did I say something? DAMN SURE DID!
Me~ Actually sugar doesn't cause it at all.

The guy who actually said it and needed to listen walked away. However, one guy did stay and chat with me for a good 15 min. I appreciated that and I can only hope that he went back and smacked the other guy upside the head :)

I went through the whole spiel... autoimmune vs metabolism... does not make insulin vs does make insulin and does not utilize it properly... my son CAN and DOES have the occasional donut. You know the speech.
The guy that listened to my mini vent was super nice. I apologized for jumping into his conversation, but explained how the mix up between the 2 types is rather agitating to us T1 parents. Let's face it... we have enough issues without being judged (at least I do).

Other than that... it was interesting. I greeted lots of people. Passed out lots of burgers and called it a day :)

2. Yesterday I had an Endo appt. Nothing exciting. He thinks were doing good. Justin's a1c has consistently been creeping up... it is now 6.9 (not bad, but I don't like the rising trend).
He says that our higher numbers lately are more typical of a diabetic and that the lows are still honeymoon stage. When does the Honeymoon end? He did not change any of his dosage.

That was that!

3. I have not been able to find out any info about the art teacher. But I will say she has been disgustingly nice??? I am not a big fan of such nonsense!!!

4. I am ready to give away (for free) one 10 year old with a bitchy PMS type of attitude.
Please leave your name and address and I will overnight her immediately :) NO RETURNS PLEASE!

5. I LOST 7 POUNDS!!!!

6. I took me 4 days to recover from day 1 of 30 day shred. I just did day 2 yesterday. My body doesn't hurt AS BAD this time... I might try again today :)

7. I fell asleep in front of my laptop and missed Sunday chat :( That does not make me happy.
I feel out of the loop and sad.

I think that's about it...

My house was clean yesterday and today it looks like a tornado blew through. I guess I better get motivated to clean up the aftermath.

Happy Tuesday!!!


Unknown said...

OK...AWESOME on the 7 lbs!!!

"No Thanks"...on the 10 yr old with the bitchy PMS attitude...I already have an 8 1/2 year old one of those...Smiles.

And, good for you on the Donut issue...damn I hate interactions like that.

I love that you use curse words...you are in good company friend.

Love Ya, R

phonelady said...

wow that is great on the walk part and see you educated them or at least someone . and kuddos on the 7 lbs and again yeah no thanks on the 10 yr old with the attitude . My kids are out on their own and so glad about that . anyway I hope you get caught up and have a great day .

:) Tracie said...

You take my 14 yr old and I'll take your 10 yr old! Use whatever you can to ground her now, because she'll only get mouthy next! I keep telling mine that since she doesn't know how to talk to her parents....then she shouldn't be able to talk to her friends either, so hand over the cell phone. She then proceedes to tell me that she doesn't talk to her friends, she texts them..........gimmie that phone...brat!

Way to go in those 7 pounds! you suck! I haven't lost weight yet...course I'm not exercising either....:)

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

That donut comment would have made my blood boil. Glad you spoke up!

Congrats on the 7 lbs!!!

Two-and-a-half years into D and Jack still seems to be in the honeymoon phase. I, too, am wondering when it'll end. Endo keeps telling us we'll know it when his insulin needs increase. So far, that hasn't happened.

Maybe those of us with pre-pubescent girls can send them off somewhere together...even if just for a little while to give us moms a break! :)

And what's up with kids who can't seem to keep a house clean??!! I am off to pick up toys and dirty laundry! :)

Amy said...

Happy 18 months! And that's a GREAT A1C!! Good to have your update!

Donna said...

1. Volunteering at the walk sounds like fun!! Good for you for setting the record strait with the donuts guy (or his friend, at least). Seriously - those people (the donuts guy not the friend) make my blood boil.

2. I have been wondering when the darn Honeymoon period is gonna end, too! We are also at 18 months (or just about there - next month). Just keep reminding yourself that his A1C is great for now, and keep on keepin on... you are a GRAT D-Momma, my friend. =)

3. At least Mrs Art Teacher is behaving herself... =)

4. I will take your 10yr old in exchange for my two 3 yr olds... thats right, they come as a set... and did I mention that whoever called it the "terrible twos" just must not have gotten to the three's yet????


6. I was going to go and buy it this weekend - and I so chickened out. After hearing how it has affected all you "skinny" girls (I know...I know... I'm using the term loosly... don't no one yell at me... its all about perspective, people! =)) I am convinced that DVD just might kill me. HAHAHA

7. If you fell asleep in front of your laptop, I am guessing you needed the sleep more than chat. :D

Thanks for the update!!!!!! (((HUGS)))

Meri said...

I have to respectfully diagree with Donna on her poing #7...NOTHING is more important than chat! (hehehe)

I have missed you. Seriously, your absense is felt. :( I'm so happy for the update. I'm cheering you on all the way! Congrats on all your victories! 18 months! Telling that guy to shut his trap in your own sweet way...your SEVEN FREAKING POUNDS! Congrats!

And sorry, I only can raise boys apparently. :(

Meri said...

Ummm...that was POINT #7...not poing.

And I am glad to come back, because I forgot to tell that art teacher to SUCK IT.


LaLa said...

Woo-Hoo - - - so glad we are all caught up! I've been missing you!
1)So glad you set them straight at the walk!
2)That is a great A1c. You rock!
3)Suck It big time Art Teacher Lady!
4)No thanks - I've got a 2, 4 and 6 year old. Can't imagine when they are 6, 8 and 10 - Bleck!
5)7 lbs rocks --- send me some drugs, please!
6)Shred! Love it!!!!!!!!
7)I missed chat for the same reason. Passed out on couch!


Hallie Addington said...

I have MISSED you, Lora!

I would write a list but all that's stuck in my head is 7 POUNDS!!!! Holy Hell- that's AWESOME woman! You go! Now... how did you do it? Spill it.

Great job on educating the idotic masses. It's a rough job.

I will gladly come down and mess with the art teacher if you need it!
Speaking of which... we may be back in June!!! Wanna go to the beach? :)

connie said...

Congrats!!! I'm gonna have to look into this 30 day shred. And I have to say...7 pounds, WOOHOO!!! I so need to jump on a treadmill now :)

Amanda said...

So, do you have your new green pump?! When are you guys starting it? I can't wait to hear all about it!

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