Friday, April 16, 2010

Justin's 1st solo playdate...

After 9 years of excuses I caved. Gave in. Cut the umbilical cord as my hubby calls it.

But it wasn't that easy as you all know. The worry that is. How will it go? Will D cooperate?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, because Justin had a GREAT time. He was soooo excited that I finally agreed (even if it was with resistance). There eas no diabetes while he was there (Yes, I know it is ALWAYS there, but you know what I mean).

I checked his BS. 121... that's good, but I gave him 2 cookies (13 carbs) just to ease my mind.

I agreed to 1 hour, but gave him a little longer because his friends mom seemed pretty comfortable with the mention of D and said over and over that he can stay "as long as he wants".
Besides, he was literally right around the corner.

Now for the NO... an hour and a half after I dropped Justin off... he was home.
BS check reveled a 55. REALLY?

Then... 25 minutes later he dropped to 38 (not sure why he checked again because no one told him to... dinner time habit I guess).

So lets think about this...
His morning insulin SHOULD have been out of his system.
His BS was 121 with no I.O.B.
Add in 13 carbs... BS should go up right?
Almost exactly 2 hours later... he's 38. WHY?

So what if I would have let him stay? What if dinner wasn't almost ready and I let him stay 30 more minutes? What if I agreed to 2 hours?

I hate thinking that way, but do I have a choice?


I guess for now we will be sticking to the SHORT play dates (if they can pry him out of my arms). Not because I don't trust Justin or other moms for that matter. But because I can't even trust 2 hours.

Am I crazy??? What would you do?


Amanda said...

Of COURSE his blood sugar would drop like that...because if it didn't then all of us D Moms wouldn't be losing our FREAKING MINDS!!! Doesn't it seem like something like that always happens?!
I don't have any great advice, but I am so feeling your pain. Good for you for letting him go, and good for you for getting him home when you did!

connie said...

I don't think your crazy at all, my little ones are still so young that playdates without me is not going to be happening anytime soon. But I cannot imagine letting them out of my sight at any age!!! I know I have to...but I don't want to :( Miss E will be starting kindergarten this fall, it will be the first time she will not be in my care since she was diagnosed and I am already having anxiety about it.

It's a mommy thing, we want to be there for them at all times. I'm just so happy he came home when he did and you were able to catch that low.

Hallie Addington said...

Way to go!! I'm proud of you!!!

I wish it had ended better but..... Good effort!

Here's my advice although I am NO expert on this! You know I struggle with this, too.

What if he tested bg every hour? If the Mom is really helpful and understanding she could help remind him to test. That miht give yiu a better idea of bg and some peace of mind.

I know excitement and activity can cause drops- could be the case. Could just have been a fluke that won't happen again.

I think 2 hours is a good place to start. Enough time to really play but not too long away! I left Avery with my two best friends and their kids a couplenof weeks ago. I left her for 1 1/2 - 2 hours. They know what to look for and I was just down the street cuz we live a street over.

I was ok with that. Ave enjoyed it. My friends were cool, too. They have spent enough time with her to know what to look for and they just KNOW her. I liked being close - would not have been comfortable with being furher away.

I say you give it another shot. Don't give up! So want if you sit in your car in the driveway!?! It's a good first step!

Meri said...

Get back on that horse baby!! Give him a cell phone and call him every hour to test. The excitment of it all! He probably crashed from the sheer joy of the playdate. I know that this was really scary! I know each time we do something new our mommy radars go bazerk..but you can do this. Clip a monitor to the boys belt loop and put sugar in his pockets. I hope next time is a total success all around!

Unknown said...

YOU.ARE.AWESOME. I know that first playdate is difficult. Joe has gone on a few now. I have a "cheat sheet" (it is on my blog) that I send with him and the parents of his friend call me each time a blood sugar is checked and if Joe is going to have a snack...Joe and I then do his insulin bolus over the phone...with his friend's parents watching.

I remember crying with happiness and gratitude and angst when Joe went on his first playdate. It is a big "D milestone".

phonelady said...

Yes this disease sure keeps our minds busy and you can be right in the middle of something and it hits you like a ton of bricks . Wow my bs went down to a 39 and i felt really crappy I ran to the fridge it scared me . I hope Justin was okay with a 38 . Im glad it all went so well and Justin is okay .

Marc said...

Like Connie, I think it will be a while before Jr goes to a friend's house without at least one of us. School is tough enough, but at least they have a basic understanding of what they are dealing with and can manage sufficiently. I know I can't send a nurse educator to every friends parents to get them up to speed too.

It's wonderful that friend's mom is accepting and willing to help - or at least monitor.

I would tend to agree with Hallie, and I'm no expert either, but new and unusual situations call for closer scrutiny in my opinion - extra tests would be a good way to go.

Kudos to you though for helping Justin enjoy being a regular kid!

Amy said...

Good job, Mom... I know it was hard on you!

I just recently allowed my DD (age 7) to spend the night at her first non-family slumber party. Like you, I was only able to do this (mentally) because she was literally around the corner. I went over twice after dropping her off to do shots but tried to be quick and not make a big deal out of it.

Does Justin feel the symptoms of going low? My DD does... so she left with strict instructions to test the minute she felt low, and, a tube of glucose tablets in her bag. I told her to eat a couple if she felt low at all-- and she did both-- tested herself and ate a couple of tablets. The mom let me know, kept an eye on her, and all was well.

As for the low... any chance he did more running around and "boy stuff" at the friend's house than usual? That would be my guess..... but of course D likes to keep us guessing, so it could have been anything.


Amy said...

After I read this post and commented, you got me to thinking.. and inspired my post for today-- a brief one about DD attending that first slumber party. (click on that text for link)   I linked back to you!

LaLa said...

Great job, Lora!! You did it. I agree with Hallie and Meri - - have him test every hour and call you. He prob crashed from the excitement.

I think 2 hours is a good time frame as long as he calls. Good luck!!

:) Tracie said...

Good for you ..... and good for him!

I agree with the excitement causing the low. Either that or they REALLY ran around!

I let Jes go for 8 hours during spring break. Great mom, gave a shot, but she came home to a HI on the meter. ???? Pretty sure it was that crappy Jr. Pen. Gonna use a syringe next time.

Misty said...

I'm so proud of you! That is something that I have been struggling with too. Seems like Ally has been invited to a million birthday parties this year (1st grader). I feel so guilty that every time she is invited somewhere I am quickly thinking of an excuse for why she can't go. Reading this makes me think about how important it is for our kids to do normal kid things....guess I can start with baby steps.

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