Friday, December 31, 2010


As 2010 comes to an end; I have given a lot of thought to these words I said in a previous post... "I need to reorganize me. Get the things I can control back in order so that I can be better at handling the things I can't control. I NEED to get a handle on the craziness that surrounds me before I go crazy."

I have mostly been trying to figure out where to begin and with what. Things have become so out of whack that this task is not going to be easy. Sounds silly, I know, but this task is larger than you can imagine.

Last year, Tib(over at Shark Bait) posted a "word of the year". You can read about it here. Her word was "Dominate". I thought is was a great idea, but at the time I didn't feel passionate enough about anything to do the same.

This year... its different. I NEED to do this. I NEED to succeed at this resolution of sorts. Because the alternative is not acceptable.

So here is my "Word of the Year"...

 As I said before, I have given this some thought.

1st - I need to reorganize my faith. I am embarrassed to admit that I "fell off the wagon" a few years ago. Hmm~ look where I am now! We attended a new church for a Christmas Eve service and we went back last Sunday. Is it where we belong? I don't know, but if not... I will try somewhere new until we find a home.

My heart tells me that faith is the perfect place to start.

2nd - My house is a wreck. Seriously!!! I have not had the energy to go through everything and play toss the clutter. I use to play that game a couple times a year. I can't remember the last time I really "cleaned house".

This needs to change because the mess makes me uneasy. I can't find things sometimes because I can't put them away where they belong. I've started a new game called "cram it wherever it fits".

My nerves tell me I need to work on the house.

3rd - Work. The option of being a stay at home mom was taken away from me without offering me a choice in the matter. I was home for a good part of 10 years... that's a pretty good run I suppose.  

I decided to become a substitute teacher because of the flexibility. I was worried when I started that the sporadic, last minute, drop everything to come in NOW, chaotic type of schedule was not good for my mind. I love structure, calmness, schedules etc... I like to know what I need to do ahead of time so I can calmly be ready.

I will say that I do love being in the classroom, and that did helped a lot, but it didn't fix the chaos of the schedule. So in order to regain a little structure (and some experience) I decided to take an offer given to me back in August as an Administrative Assistant to a book keeper(right up my alley). The schedule has made more of a difference than I thought it would.  The problem is that it is part time(about 18 hours a week). Financially, I need more than that so I still sub when I can.

When I took this job, the understanding was that it would eventually turn into a full time need; and I have gone from the original two days a week to now working three. But the reality is that we lost between 20 and 25 thousand of our income a year. This started about 3 years ago. 18 hours a week is not making up for what we lost. We have been struggling for some time. We have blown through our savings and I don't know how much longer I can rob peter to pay paul. Something has to change.

I have decided that I will keep my eyes open for something with more hours.  I hate to be un-loyal to where I am now because I like it there, but I have to take care of my family and I may not have the option of waiting for their needs to change. 

I know "reorganizing" these three areas of my life will not fix everything, but they are a start. And I have faith that eventually other things that seem so displaced will start to fall into place once again.

So here's to a brighter tomorrow.

To all my friends...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Woo Hoo!!! It's the Christmas Blogger Basal Baby!!!

Thank you to everyone who sent in submissions to me. Without you... I would have nothing to basal about :)

It has been a busy December for some of us D peeps... we have trips to Chicago... babies being born (welcome Miss Hadlee) and YOU KNOW Reyna will NEVER let us down with the good reads!

So here we go... I will start with me :)
Misty, Heather, Marc's family and I met up in Chicago. I had a wonderful time and felt as if I had know these peep all my life. 

Misty (who we have dubbed the shopping queen) tells you all about our D Rents meet up. BTW: My boots "might" be cooler, but Misty is supper.friggin.awesome! 

Then I went all bah hum bug because I was feeling a bit defeated.
I would like to thank EVERYONE who commented on that post... each of you truly lifted my spirits. AND just so you know the quote was my way of kicking myself in the ass and saying "do something about it". (Amy... I think you have me pegged!)

Speaking of Amy... She dove into a good D book called Breakthrough and tells us all about it. Warning... this book was a tear jerker right off the bat!

The Houston family has been craft-n-it-up and created these fantabulous "ORNAPODS".  No tutorial needed for these cute little suckers... as Laura would say "easy peasy lemon squeezy"! Even Super Nate joined in on the pod makin action. Kinda makes me wish I had an Omni-pod (shhh, don't tell my Ping).

Here is Justin with the super cute penguin Ornapod Laura sent us... excuse the bed head!

Reyna is at it again when she gives you a peek into her so called "magical" day. You know there are some perfectly placed f*bombs in there that will even make the straight and narrow chuckle (even if they wont admit it).

Heather talks about night sweats when you realize that you've slept through a night time check.  I've been there and holy heart attack is right!! 

Nicole is moving forward in 10 Giant D Steps, but no one seems to be tagging along with her. No worries girl... were here with ya!

Alexis(my d mama twin) has been blessed with many Christmas miracles this year. The love that people share just warms my heart. More proof that we are not alone... ever!

Donna wrote a "Dear co-worker letter" after she blew off said non-understanding co-worker. We can only educate when we feel up to it. Sometimes an eye roll and a quick exit plan is in order! Just sayin Sweet Mama :)

Hallie is also sharing with the "outside world" in "Do you know how lucky you are"?  Hallie shares some of the things we take for granted and points out how lucky she is today. I agree Hallie... we have a lot of reasons to feel lucky.

Cindy tries to convince us that she is a "cream puff" in Ha Ha Ha after Reyna goes and calls her "hard core". I don't know Cindy... Reyna is pretty good at calling a spade a spade(or is it an ace an ace?? Hell, I don't know :) lol

Jen and Addison meet a D peep celebrating his 50 year anniversary with D. She tells us all about it in "Same". I am with you Jen, I hope Justin lives life the same way.

Speaking of roll models... the super cute Haley tells us all about her day dealing with high school and a job all with D in the mix. WOW girl... I am stressed just reading about it! You however, are a true ROCKSTAR!

Meri is at it again with a post that can make you cry... yet leave you full of love at the same time in Twas the night before set changes. I don't know how she does it... there is not enough "shower time" in the world that would help me come up with this stuff up.

Deanna touched my heart this month in Gentle reminders. It is not often I remind someone to pray (unless I have gone mad and they need to pray for me). By the way Deanna... great song your playing  :)

Hmmmm ~ who's next?

Ah! The fabulous Wendy. Warning peeps... Wendy is freaking out and baking cookies (kinda makes me hungry). There is some seriously cute face making pics in this post... a must see that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Brief pause while I look for a snack(thanks Wendy).... que elevator music :)

 Heidi is finding D lessons within words of faith. I think we can all use a few of those lessons... I know I can. Thanks Heidi... that was a beautiful post.


Tracy has had a crazy December full of sick kiddos starting with 2nd verse same as the 1st (you should stop by and show her some love). Sending (((wellness))) vibes your way Tracy.

Kris gave us a sneak peek at why she was nominated for the 2010 DOC Awards Best Photographer. She takes some amazing pictures. Go check it out and don't forget to cast your vote for your favorites DOC Award nominees. Voting ends December 31st.

Denise found Bryce and his brother Jaden are putting Santa to the test this year in "Dear Santa". I am amazed by the love Jaden has for his little brother... a must read to make you smile.

And there you have it... in all its basal glory :)
To enter next months Blogger Basal, be sure to send your link to Nicole at We Cara Lot Blog. 

And click HERE to check out what the Blogger Basal is all about (including past posts).

Happy Holidays to all my peeps. May this season bring you peace, love, joy and damn good numbers.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The quote...

"Don't wish that things were easier... wish that you were better".

This is a quote that was sent out in a work email. It was in my inbox right after my post about being defeated I know this quote was meant to be motivational to the sales team, but I viewed it differently.

I viewed it as a mom who is doing her best and feeling as if her best will never be enough.

I viewed it as a wife who never has time for her husband.

I viewed it as a person who has lost herself and can not seem to get it together.

I viewed it as an inadequate friend.

Normally, I delete these emails because they really have nothing to do with me... I always read the quotes before I do(I heart good quotes). This email, however, I didn't delete. I kept going back to it and staring at that quote. Just pondering... unsure how I felt about it.

Eventually, I realized that I didn't have to take it like it sounds. I can view it differently. Two years ago I WOULD have viewed it differently. I would have taken it for what it is and made myself better. I use to be good at that... finding a way to overcome anything. I never failed and I was proud of that.  

I think that I need to go back to the old Lora. I know I will never totally be the same person that I use to be, but I know I can find a happier place than this. Even half way to my old self will be better than where I am today.                                                                                                                                                                  

 I have decided that I need to reorganize me. Get the things I can control back in order so that I can be better at handling the things I can't control.

I NEED to get a handle on the craziness that surrounds me before I go crazy.

Thinking back to the quote... I still wish it was easier, gosh who doesn't? But since it can't be... I am going to work on making myself better... like I would have before D came along.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BASAL-BASAL... read all about it!!!!

LIL Ol' ME... That's who!

Just in case your new in town... here is a lil splaining about Blogger Basal...

Blogger Basal is a monthly round up of posts compiled into one big summary. You can check out the 1st edition of Blogger Basal HERE to get an idea of what it looks like.

What you should know about submissions:
1) Must be (mostly) family friendly. Rants are welcome. Porn is not. Get it?
 2) URLs are due on the 3rd Friday of the month. PERIOD.

Please submit your URL on time for inclusion in the current month's edition.
 3) Only one URL per author per month please

So there you have it... now get those links sent to me at because THIS FRIDAY is the deadline!!!!!!

Don't wait...

Don't procrastinate...

Do it now so that my Blogger Basal is Christmas worthy!!!!

I don't want to let my peeps down on Christmas.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What happens in Chicago...

A couple weekends ago, I had the great pleasure of meeting up with a few of the bestest D~peeps around. Where did we go??? CHI-CA-GO!!!

Let me just say that I was SO excited! My head needed this rest and I am so glad that I did it.
Here we are... Heather, Misty, ME, Bobbie, Marc, Johnathan & Alex.

**There were suppose to be more of us, but due to "life" they couldn't make it... no worries... I don't hold grudges long :)

I wont bore you with all the details; I just plan on giving you the Juicy ones...

Friday night started out with a cold beverage before dinner to "lighten the mood". I wont name names... but I WILL show a picture.
Way to get it started... "nameless D Mama"!

On Saturday... we had snow!!!
That was a little added excitement for this born and raised Cracker.

Once we got down town... there was a sight that you wouldn't believe unless you saw it yourself... there were NAKED SANTAS EVERYWHERE!!

No kidding!! It was such a sight to see that I forgot to take a picture, so I found one off the Internet... enjoy!

HELLOO!!! Bow chicka wow wow...

Now keep in mind that it was snowing (not sure where these pics were from)... I'm thinking there were a whole lot of frozen nipples in Chicago that day :)
With all the hotness and ass cheeks around... we were inspired to stop into somewhere a little naughty. Hey! Santa was doin it!!

Besides naked Santa... the naughtiest we could find was Victoria Secret.

I will just say that SOMEBODY did purchase one of those frilly little get ups and SOMEBODY was planning on getting a little frisky with the hubby when they got home.

We will never tell... but that is ONE HELL OF A WAY to say Thank you! Or Merry Christmas! Or Happy HoHoHo! Just sayin!!

In true girly fashion... we spent all of Saturday shopping.
 Saturday night we met back up with Marc and his fam for some of Chicago's best... PIZZA!

Well... AFTER we took a few minutes to check our Facebooks that is...
The wait was plenty, but it was dang good stuff :)

Here are Marc and his family again. Their kiddos are so sweet and pretty dang patient I might add.

Sadly, as quick as the weekend snuck up on me... it was over.
I wish I would have had more time to hang out with these amazing peeps.

Sunday, as I sat in the back of the shuttle watching the city fade away into the distance...

 I couldn't help but think about how amazing it is to hang out for the weekend with people you have never met I.R.L... Yet, it was like we had been friends forever. At least for me... there was no awkwardness. No reason to feel reserved or shy. I was among friends... a family of sorts. And I am grateful that I had the opportunity to hang out with them.

Love you guys!!!

BTW Misty... the caffeine addict took care of the rest of your soda for you :) I needed that "fix".

**I need to start taking pics om myself in the mirror more often... I look damn SKIN-NEY!  Right on!!!

To check out more about our trip to Chicago... you can visit Here and Here.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I am feeling defeated... conquered. I sink more and more into my quicksand of self pity every time someone points out how I use to be.  


I know that I use to be more with it.

I know that I use to be so happy this time of year.

I know that I ALWAYS decorate for the holidays.

I know I am running out of time.

I know that I look tired.

I know I look sad.

I know I have changed.

I know I have been distant.

I know that I need help.

There has been a lot of changes the last few years. Changes that wreak havoc on your spirit and your mind. Changes that stretch far beyond D... though D seems to be the instigator. Changes that dangle the feeling of defeat over your head with nothing but thin strands of broken rope to hold it up. There's no escaping it. It is inevitable.

My spirit has been broken many times. But no matter what, I have always been able to smile and mend it back together. Until now.

My mind has forgotten. But only for a split second before a spark would ignite and the memories would come alive as if they had just happened. I could organize. Keep a schedule. Not miss a beat in life. Until now.

My smile was endless. Without fail you count on my pearly whites to make you feel good. Until now.

Now I am defeated. I am broken. I have no spirit left. My mind is fogged and smiling is something I have had to force myself to do for some time.

I am no longer me. Not in my mind and not in my spirit.

Would you believe that I didn't even pull my tree out of the attic until tonight(it's still not decorated)? I only forced myself because of Leighanna and Justin. Sadly, I put up the shorter version. Only problem is that as I "fluff" my branches... I cried. All I could think was how I never would have put up the short tree before. I never would have allowed the outside of my house brave the holidays without one.single.light. So why now?

Honestly, it doesn't feel like the holidays to me. For many reasons it feels more like a burden. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would be in this place.

Lately, I have been considering getting "help". I have been offered "help" but I decided against it. I have been told I needed "help" on more than one occasion. I had "help" in my hands and I threw it away before I could use it.

I know there are lots of people getting this help and I see nothing wrong with it... AT ALL. But in my broken state... I view it as defeat. Accepting this help means I  have lost yet another part of me... my strength. I use to have so much strength. I could conquer anything. Until now.

I don't like it here... I just want part of myself back. My spirit. My smile. My strength. My mind.... ANYTHING!

Friday, December 10, 2010

First off...
I would like to say a very special THANK YOU to Jack over at Reli On for making this happen.

I also would like to thank Reli On for making such awesome products that make my life easier. I never have to worry about Justin's glucose tabs boiling in the car during the brutal Florida summer.

I have also never had issues with my glucose tabs getting the bottom of my purse all wet :) GRANTED, my Reli On tube MAY HAVE opened in the bottom my purse and I MAY HAVE blown a few of those suckers off and let Justin eat them anyways. But hey... they are still eatable even after spillage happens.

I do have a confession... when I think Reli On... I think glucose tabs, but if you visit their site... they make so much more than that.
Including this nifty, compact carrying case for supplies.

This key chain... that Jill mentioned in her post the other day.

And on their home page... they have "Ask an Educator" where you can go if you have a question you would like to ask a Diabetes Educator. 


Either way... go check out their site :)

Now on to the winner... because I know that's the whole reason your here anyways...

There were 32 comments...

And the luck number is....

Lucky number 26!!!!!

It pays to Facebook peeps!



Be sure to contact me via email @ loraack within 48 hours or I will be forced to choose another winner :)

If you didn't win today... no worries! Head on over to "The We CARA lot blog" to enter this week Shinny Happy Sugar Bolus.

Good luck!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Move over Juicy Juice... I have another friend to "Reli-on"...

This contest has ended!!!

That's right! I admit it. Sometimes I cheat on the JJ. But it is soooo good. Who dare I cheat on the JJ with???

I am glad you asked.

Its someone I can "Reli-On". Someone that can raise a blood sugar like no body's bizz-nezz!

Let me introduce you...
This is "Reli" and he is one sa-weet friend.

When you are at your lowest... he is there to raise you up.
He comes in all your favorite flavors...



Fruit Punch...


and for the most daring... tropical fruit and mixed berry.

"Reli" can also come in candy sweetness, "gel" tastic or smooth and liquidy.

Tell me who else can do that... AND promise he will never wet the bottom of your purse?

ONLY Reli-On can do that!

I hope you understand why I have to "stray" from time to time.

Its all about the sweetness. And "Reli" is one sa-weet find.

If your lucky... you will get to have some of your very own sweetness to Reli-On.

If you are the lucky winner of this weeks sugar bolus; you get...

2  large (50 count) bottles of Reli-On Glucose tabs(Grape & tropical Fruit )

3 Travel size tubes of Reli-on Glucose tabs (Oranges fruit punch & watermelon)

2 Reli- on gels (fruit punch)


4 Reli-On glucose drinks ( 2 Lemon-Lime and 2 mixed berry)


To enter: Post a comment before midnight on Thursday December 9th telling me why you love your Glucose Tabs. Please include your first name. Comments without names will be eliminated.

To earn extra entries...

-Write a blog post linking back to the Sugar Bolus and leave a comment with a link to the post.

 - Tweet about this Sugar Bolus and leave another comment.

 -Facebook about this post and leave an additional comment.

Winner will be selected via random draw on Friday December 10th.

Winners name will be posted here on this blog...

After winners name is posted, winner will have 48 hours to send a message to me at

If I do not hear from the winner within 48 hours, I will select a new winner.


**Disclosure: I.AM.NOT.A.DOCTOR. Anything I say should not be taken as medical advice. It is only the opinion of one crazy D Mama and meant to express how I like to do things at my house or in my car and maybe even in my closet. Lets face it... we all like to "get high" differently.

In addition, I have not been compensated in any way by Reli-On to write this post. They have simply been awesome enough to offer the above mentioned items as part of this weeks Sugar Bolus giveaway.

You know the rules... now go get your "Reli-On"!
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