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Teacher info sheet -
Diabetes Overview:
Type I (Juvenile) Diabetes is an auto-immune disease. 40 children are diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes every day. These children did not ask for this disease. They did not eat too much candy and no amount of diet and exercise will ever make it go away. Their body does not produce insulin on its own. Thus, they receive insulin through multiple daily injections or via insulin pump.

Overall Justin is a typical, healthy 10 year old and just needs those around him to keep an eye on him in order to keep in safe. Justin can experience episodes of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and high blood sugar (hyperglycemia). If not treated properly, life-threatening complications can develop rapidly. Please send Justin to the clinic for any signs/symptoms or complaints of low/high blood sugar. If he is feeling low, please do not send him/leave him alone. If he is having visible symptoms of Low blood sugar (out of it, irrational etc), he must remain with an adult.

What you should know:

Justin’s behavior is related to blood sugar levels. He can be thirsty, overly energetic, uncooperative, sluggish, and/or hungry and might have abdominal pain, a headache, blurred vision, or need to urinate often when his blood sugar is high. He may appear droopy, pale, tired, hungry, confused, “spacey”, whiney, uncooperative, combative, to be off balance, to have difficulty walking or say something like “I feel low” or “I feel weird” when it is low. With either condition, his thinking and judgment may be impaired. He may need his teacher to think for him.

If Justin behaves out of character (e.g., disrespectful, belligerent, defiant, stubborn, overly energetic, too talkative, jittery, having a hard time sitting still, sleepy, lethargic, anxious, etc.), then his blood sugar level should be tested immediately. He should not be disciplined for poor behavior if his blood sugar level is not within a normal range.

Please believe him if he says I feel low or just don’t feel right and NEVER leave him when he appears to be confused or “out of it”.

Justin should be permitted to use the bathroom without restriction at all times. He can’t necessarily wait 5 minutes for recess to use the bathroom, for example.

Justin should be permitted to have immediate, unrestricted access to water at all times. Again, he can’t necessarily wait. His desire for water is not a “want,” but a “need.” It’s not a behavioral issue; it’s a medical necessity. His thirst is a signal that his body is trying to flush sugar from his blood.

Justin should never be left out of classroom activities/lessons that involve food. He can eat anything that all the other kids can eat, he just gets his insulin a different way.

Justin does not mind his classmates knowing that he has diabetes or treating his diabetes in front of them. However, he does not want to be in the spotlight all the time either. He doesn’t want to be known as “the kid with diabetes.” It’s a delicate balance between maintaining his privacy and dignity, while taking care of an entire class. His health and safety come first. If he’s in danger, forget about privacy and do what needs to be done to return him to safety. However, if he’s not in danger, please be mindful of emotional needs. We realize it’s not easy to have him in your class, and we thank you for protecting his heart and his feelings, as best as you can.

Justin may need shortened assignments or extra time to complete a homework or project assignment, if he experiences an extreme case of high/low blood sugar level while working on the assignment. Please allow him this time or send it home for completion if needed.

Bus info quick reference -

Hi, my name is Justin and I have Juvenile Diabetes.

Juvenile Diabetes is an autoimmune disease. Basically, my body turned on itself and attacked my insulin producing cells causing my pancreas to stop working. Now I must receive insulin through daily injections or through my insulin pump. I will not outgrow Juvenile Diabetes and no amount of diet and exercise will ever make it go away.

Overall, I am a typical, healthy, 12 year old and chances are I will be perfectly fine on the short ride to school and home everyday. However, in the event of an emergency I may need your help.

In my backpack I keep emergency gel, my sister can help you find it. If I ever become unconscious or close to during our short ride home… please rub the gel on the inside of my cheeks to help bring my glucose up.  THEN CALL 911(and also my mom if you can).  This may save my life.

Below you will find some of the signs/symptoms of Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. My typical symptoms include: Irritability, whiney, hungry, lethargic, weak, zombie like, shaky, dizzy and wobbly.

Thank you for helping me stay safe. If you have any questions, please fell free to call my mom xxx-xxxx.


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