Friday, June 25, 2010

Pump day number.... ummmm???

What day is it anyways??? I think it's Friday. So that would make this day 5 ;)

I am tired but I was doing great on those few precious hours of sleep... UNTIL last night anyways. I think someone forgot to tell D that we should be having more steady numbers now and that the lows need to go!

It IS all my fault though... I caused it... how? Well I jinxed myself of course.

It went a little something like this...
I have to fax in Justin's log to Dr. D everyday by 1:00. Tuesday and Wednesday's faxes were accompanied by an additional "low glucose log". BUT yesterday's... that's when I messed it all up.

Because in the notes section of the fax cover sheet I wrote this... "we had no low BS levels :)"

I think it was the little smiley that pushed D over the edge... he doesn't like that... happiness that is. So yesterday, all through the night and into this morning... we chased lows.

3pm - 54
5pm - 49
5:15 - 64
11pm - 53
3am - 91 (not bad, but me no likey at 3am... add 8c)
6am - 54
8am - 47

I am exhausted, beat, broken-down, burned out, collapsing, dead on my feet, dog-tired, done for, drained, exasperated, fatigued, finished, overtaxed, overworked, petered out, pooooooooooped, run-down, sick of, spent, tuckered out and worn!!!!!!!
**Disclaimer... thank you thesaurus.... I was to all of the above to think.

I do like the pump thus far and I don't think that the pump or the settings are the culprit of the sudden "crash syndrome" we have been up against. I just think it's one of those things... Those D things.

Let's hope today's 1:oo fax gives us some answers.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Diabetes Rap

Came across this video on youtube... I thought it was cute. I guess a few diabetics were offended, but I can not understand why... I personally love how this kid can turn D into something fun.

Take a minute to watch... I am betting it will put a smile on your face :)


Thank you to all the ladies who entered. I wish I had a bucket of surprise for all of you, but I think the shipping would kill me.

I was asked by a couple of the curious ladies to reveal the number of times people commented. Since this is a thank you post… I will be more than happy to count the number of times each of you have lifted my spirits, encouraged me or stood behind me like an angry mob of crazy D~moms.
**DISCLAIMER… regardless of how many times you have commented, I greatly appreciate all the love and support I find here on my blog. You have all made living with Justin’s diagnosis a little easier.

Number represents TOTAL entries in contest
Meri 61 (Meri, you are the queen of ALL things)
Phonelady 49
Laura 34
Wendy 31
Hallie 29
The Crazy Pancreas 16
Jennifer 15
Tracie 15
Joanne 12
Heidi 11
AJ’s Mommy 10
Tammy 7
Heather 3
HTimm 2
Pam 1

In all there were 295 entries.

I used to help me choose a number :)

And the number is...

Please excuse my "organized mess"!!! I listed everyone who had made a comment... then I scribbled out those who didn't enter via comment on the 100th blog... and then numbered them. I also had to use different colors to keep up with what I was counting so that I could list number of comments.

Congrats Mizz Meri... I will get this out to you soon.

Friday, June 18, 2010

A 100th post THANK YOU!!

After a whole lot of waiting... IT has finally arrived!!!

What is "IT" you ask???

Well "It" is my 100th blog post of course.

"IT" took me forever to decide what I would do for my big 100. Let’s face it… I had some tough acts to follow with Meri’s ellipsis and Tracy’s BIG WORDS!

I decided to change gears a bit and do a simple random giveaway, but with a bonus for those who have supported me most during the last 99 crazy posts.

The loot:
this crafty decorated paint bucket (that I picked up at Home Depot) filled with a few fun or maybe even some crafty surprises(I do love a good mystery).

Here’s how it works:.
ANYONE CAN WIN!!! If you would like to be entered in the random drawing… please leave a comment (you MUST do this in order to be entered... that's the only way I know your interested).

Bonus entries:

Bonus #1 I currently have 441 comments on my blog. (Sorry Mr. Chinese person, you annoy me and I have removed all of your comments. Therefore, you do not have a chance to win).
To thank those who have lifted my spirits when I was down, laughed with me, got mad at “that damn art teacher” with me or answered my questions… you get an extra entry for every comment you have left on my blog. (Don’t forget to leave a comment on this post so that I know you are interested and want to be entered).

Bonus #2 If you are a follower… you will get an additional entry (This is one of the only times it might pay to be a follower... you still have time to be a follower but, you will still need to leave a comment on this post to enter).


Sooo ~ for example: If Betty Lou wants the bucket of surprise… she leaves me a comment on this post.
(She is now entered to win)

Then ~ Betty Lou decides to become a follower to better her chances.
(BONUS... 2nd entry)

Then ~ Betty Lou has left 7 comments on the last 99 posts.
(Bonus... 7 more entries)

In all, Betty Lou has earned a total of 10 entries into the random drawing. The comments will be numbered in order received followed by the order of followers.

Please do not go back and makes comments now… I already have them written down in order.

I will use to make it fair.

You have all weekend to enter... I will choose the winner on Monday.

Good Luck Everyone!!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

12 times...

12 times... that's how many times Justin checked his BS at school between 8:45 and 12:40.
Think about that... 12 times in less than 4 hours. 12 finger pokes. 12 new holes to harden the tip of his fingers. 12 drops of blood to fill 12 test strips.


I was subbing in a third grade class when the phone rang. "C" (our nurse) was asking if we had made any changes over the weekend. Justin had come to the clinic at 8:45 complaining of dizziness. Mind you, he just ate a half of a PB&J less than 30 minutes before. Not to mention his usual 50(ish) carb breakfast not long before that. Yet, he was "dizzy and glazed".

He was asked questions... but his "glazed" look over powered any answer he could drum up.

  • "C" treated and retested 10 minutes later. Justin's BG level dropped more even after 2 tabs.

  • 1 more tab and 5 more minutes... BG lower

  • 17g and 10 more minutes... BG lower

  • Juice and 15 minutes... were FINALLY moving in the right direction.

  • He was sent back to class at 9:25 knowing that he would have his usual 10:15 check.


  • 19c snack... plus popcorn party and 50 minutes later... low again.

  • 2 tabs... 10 minutes later... STILL DROPPING!

That was his morning... the "easy" life of a diabetic right? No big deal?

I don't agree one bit. Because on this morning... the one that is reflected by the numbers on this paper below... show a child sitting in the nurses office while his friends were on the playground for recess. He is "dizzy", "glazed" and "unable to answer questions". He feels terrible... but he wishes more than anything that he could go out and play. The one time in the day his class would get a break from work... and he is sitting!

Not only that... but because he spent 1 hour and 35 minutes with the nurse within that 4 hour time period... he didn't get his work done. Meaning... extra homework! Fair? Not hardly!!

Notes from "C"...

This has been one of those weeks. You know... the angry, emotional, lost, numb and kinda bitter weeks. WHY? I don't know... full moon? PMS? diet is making me edgy? All possibilities I'm sure.

Have you ever felt as if you've lost yourself? Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder where you went? Is the girl that everyone referred to as "always happy and smiling" still in there hiding behind the dark baggy circles and sadness? Will she ever return?

I keep staring at myself... I have aged so much. I look WAY older than I am and no amount of makeup will hide the casualties of worry that have seized the girl I use to be.

I miss her... I miss her spirit... her spunk... her energy. I miss the optimism that has been replaced by skepticism.

Where's the girl that had no fear... because this one is drowning in it.

I want her back................. P.L.E.A.S.E.

Whoa!! Now that this post went WAY off track... I should probably wrap it up. If you made it this far... thanks and sorry. Thanks for being here and sorry I went off on a pity party. I think I need to eat some carbs or something :)

Good night all...

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