Sunday, December 4, 2011


I am ashamed to admit that Diabetes has taken a back seat to everything else lately. The new job, the house, the epilepsy medication. I have allowed Justin to run higher than usual. I have avoided making basal changes because I am to tired to get up and check more. I have allowed a site to stay in past 3 days(gasp!!). So you can imagine my stress knowing that our three month report card was scheduled for this week.

The prior three months were filled with constant lows. Constant "multi check nights" and double the stock in Juicy Juice. Three months ago... his A1C came back at a 6.4.

This time around we ran in the mid to upper 100's. Sometimes 200 with the occasional slight chance of a low. I fully expected his A1C to be back in the 7's. I fully expected a hang my head in shame for not doing better. Doing what I could; because to be honest... I turned my head and did nothing. A lot!

So how in the world did we get a 6.8???

I'll tell you that it is way less stressful to deal with him being a little higher than the constant lows we were having before. Those are just draining. I think I will try and keep that 6.8 around for a while and continue to focus on those stinky seizure meds.

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