Friday, December 10, 2010

First off...
I would like to say a very special THANK YOU to Jack over at Reli On for making this happen.

I also would like to thank Reli On for making such awesome products that make my life easier. I never have to worry about Justin's glucose tabs boiling in the car during the brutal Florida summer.

I have also never had issues with my glucose tabs getting the bottom of my purse all wet :) GRANTED, my Reli On tube MAY HAVE opened in the bottom my purse and I MAY HAVE blown a few of those suckers off and let Justin eat them anyways. But hey... they are still eatable even after spillage happens.

I do have a confession... when I think Reli On... I think glucose tabs, but if you visit their site... they make so much more than that.
Including this nifty, compact carrying case for supplies.

This key chain... that Jill mentioned in her post the other day.

And on their home page... they have "Ask an Educator" where you can go if you have a question you would like to ask a Diabetes Educator. 


Either way... go check out their site :)

Now on to the winner... because I know that's the whole reason your here anyways...

There were 32 comments...

And the luck number is....

Lucky number 26!!!!!

It pays to Facebook peeps!



Be sure to contact me via email @ loraack within 48 hours or I will be forced to choose another winner :)

If you didn't win today... no worries! Head on over to "The We CARA lot blog" to enter this week Shinny Happy Sugar Bolus.

Good luck!


Meri said...

Congratulations Laura! It is so fun to win stuff! Especially USEFUL stuff!

Misty said...

Congratulations Laura!

Alexis Nicole said...

yay Laura!!!

Hallie Addington said...

Yay Laura!!!

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