Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What happens in Chicago...

A couple weekends ago, I had the great pleasure of meeting up with a few of the bestest D~peeps around. Where did we go??? CHI-CA-GO!!!

Let me just say that I was SO excited! My head needed this rest and I am so glad that I did it.
Here we are... Heather, Misty, ME, Bobbie, Marc, Johnathan & Alex.

**There were suppose to be more of us, but due to "life" they couldn't make it... no worries... I don't hold grudges long :)

I wont bore you with all the details; I just plan on giving you the Juicy ones...

Friday night started out with a cold beverage before dinner to "lighten the mood". I wont name names... but I WILL show a picture.
Way to get it started... "nameless D Mama"!

On Saturday... we had snow!!!
That was a little added excitement for this born and raised Cracker.

Once we got down town... there was a sight that you wouldn't believe unless you saw it yourself... there were NAKED SANTAS EVERYWHERE!!

No kidding!! It was such a sight to see that I forgot to take a picture, so I found one off the Internet... enjoy!

HELLOO!!! Bow chicka wow wow...

Now keep in mind that it was snowing (not sure where these pics were from)... I'm thinking there were a whole lot of frozen nipples in Chicago that day :)
With all the hotness and ass cheeks around... we were inspired to stop into somewhere a little naughty. Hey! Santa was doin it!!

Besides naked Santa... the naughtiest we could find was Victoria Secret.

I will just say that SOMEBODY did purchase one of those frilly little get ups and SOMEBODY was planning on getting a little frisky with the hubby when they got home.

We will never tell... but that is ONE HELL OF A WAY to say Thank you! Or Merry Christmas! Or Happy HoHoHo! Just sayin!!

In true girly fashion... we spent all of Saturday shopping.
 Saturday night we met back up with Marc and his fam for some of Chicago's best... PIZZA!

Well... AFTER we took a few minutes to check our Facebooks that is...
The wait was plenty, but it was dang good stuff :)

Here are Marc and his family again. Their kiddos are so sweet and pretty dang patient I might add.

Sadly, as quick as the weekend snuck up on me... it was over.
I wish I would have had more time to hang out with these amazing peeps.

Sunday, as I sat in the back of the shuttle watching the city fade away into the distance...

 I couldn't help but think about how amazing it is to hang out for the weekend with people you have never met I.R.L... Yet, it was like we had been friends forever. At least for me... there was no awkwardness. No reason to feel reserved or shy. I was among friends... a family of sorts. And I am grateful that I had the opportunity to hang out with them.

Love you guys!!!

BTW Misty... the caffeine addict took care of the rest of your soda for you :)

 Thank.you.very.much... I needed that "fix".

**I need to start taking pics om myself in the mirror more often... I look damn SKIN-NEY!  Right on!!!

To check out more about our trip to Chicago... you can visit Here and Here.


Misty said...

Oh you make me laugh! I loved every minute of our trip and look forward to hanging out with you IRL again soon!!!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness Lora!! I am laughing SO hard right now! Felt like we had been friends forever for me too. Miss you and can't wait to hang out again IRL!! Love ya girl!

Amy said...

Sooooooooo, did ya bring home one of the jingle bell runners??? Nummers ;)

Sounds like a blast of a time. Ya know, I am only 5 hours from Chicago ...... just sayin'. Next year?!

connie said...

FUN,FUN,FUN!!! Looks like you had a great trip...what wonderful memories for you all :)

Unknown said...

OMG...you are hysterical. I like the beginning photo...who is that? Misty? Whoever was chugging that wine is my kind of gal! Seriously on the naked Santas!!! You guys couldn't have planned the trip better - LOL.

Glad you had a great time Lora. I wish I could have been hanging IRL too!


Stephanie said...

Omg, I love it all...the wine chugging, the naked santas and the naughty Victoria's Secret trip. You girls look like you had a blast!!!

Unknown said...


I loved this :)

Thank you so much for sharing...I SO WISH I was there with you guys!!!!!!! LOVE the recap.

I have to agree that I felt the same way when I went to Vegas last Spring. Loved these peeps and it was as if we had known each other forever!

Meri said...

That post made me so happy I can't even tell you. I ahve perma grin. Thank you for the post, and I could kick myself for missing that pizza...and for missing out on a great weekend with the best Mamas ever.

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

What fun. I enjoyed reading through each of your posts. Um...those Santas are something else...

Hallie Addington said...

I MISSED NAKED SANTAS?!?!? Well, crap on a stick! Seriously, I'm bummed about not making it and I hope that you're not holding a grudge! I PROMISE to be there next time! BUt... I am SO GLAD that you had a great time and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all those pics! Yipee!

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