Sunday, September 20, 2009

WARNING: Venting in progress!!

Why can't I be the mom that looks the other way? You know... the "bleacher creature" mom or the one that just drops the kids off and pick them up when practice/girl scouts/cub scouts etc... is over.
I never have been that mom and I'm starting to think it's an illness; an incurable one.
Every year I say "I'm done"... "no more"... "stick a fork in me"; but when it comes down to it... I'm right back where I started. Spread thinner than the jelly I put on Justin's PB&J's.
Whats a sucker... I mean mom to do?

Gosh that felt good... now I can get back to "work" :)


Meri said...

I was just the same. It got to be too much so last year I made up my mind to say no to EVERYTHING! For a whole year! And it was really nice. But since the new school year started, I said yes to a couple things...and HELLO the flood gates are open. I'm apparently the go-to person on everthing!

Glad I found your blog-I'm a punctuation flunky too!

Lora said...

Thanks Meri... I knew there were other "flunkies" out there:)
Wow, taking care of 3 boys all with T1? You are truely amazing!

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