Friday, September 18, 2009

He can hear.... well kinda

Any procedure your child undergoes is stressful and though this was not the first, or even the second, surgery Justin has gone through... it is the first since he was diagnosed with T1 last October. Thankfully, all went well.

Heading up there and awaiting the big moment didn't seem to affect Justin at all. The nurse even commented on his nonchalant demeanor. That was a huge relief for me of course. I hate the feeling you get when your "baby" pleas for you not to leave(heartbreaking). The surgery itself was 10 min tops... they had to put a "patch" on his ear drum that will cause his hearing to be a bit off the next couple weeks, but other than that... all good.

Justin did milk yesterday for what it was worth...
"I want to watch my channel... I did have surgery today".
"I want McDonald's for lunch... hey, its my day...I did have surgery today... remember?"
"I want to go to Bungle in the Jungle... I get to choose what I want to do today"
This went on and on and on... and on... Seriously~ all day long.

On the sugar side... because I threw my "mom fit" and our surgery time was at 7:30. I did have the luxury of not giving him his insulin until after he was finished :). We were told to give him a little less of a dose the night before and we decided to load him up with pasta so hopefully he would run a little high. The plan worked well(if I do say so)... he was 195 before surgery and 110 after. I told them he would drop... I am so glad we didn't have to give him the insulin. It made my morning a little less stressful.

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