Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Talking it out feels GOOD!

It's just shy of 9 months since my sweet boy was diagnosed with this horrid disease. We are still in the "honeymoon stage" though my professional mom opinion tells me that it may not be much longer. They say we caught it early- and I guess we did compared to most. Baby boy(that's what we'll call him even though he would not be happy about it) luckily didn't get admitted to the hospital like some cases; instead, we were given a choice: hospital tonight or an appointment with the Endo at 7am the next morning. Obviously the choice was clear!

I did fell terrible for baby boy though; he had worked hard to achieve perfect attendance at school and if what he was faced with wasn't enough... he lost his trophy too.

I can sill remember hearing the news like it was yesterday. We didn't take him to the doctor for that... I was in search of a referral to see a Psychologist. See, we had been having a bit of a tough year at school and I swore it was causing him to wet the bed!!! Baby boy was 7 then and had not done that in some time, now all of a sudden... every night since a couple weeks after school started. SOOOO- when the doctor came in and shared the actual news... I was in complete shock!! Like I was in the room, but I wasn't there and I wasn't hearing this (just thinking about it still makes my stomach turn, my chest hurt and my eyes water). Our Pediatrician was wonderful though, she had a nurse take both kids(his "sissy" was there also) out of the room so that I could then breath and let the water works start while she gave me as much info and support as I could possible handle at that point. She spent more than my share of time with me that afternoon, and I greatly appreciated that. Both of my kids have seen these pediatricians since they were born and poor baby boy has seen them(and many other doctors) more than sissy, daddy and myself combined.

Sometimes, I don't get it, why is it always the same child over and over again? He was perfectly healthy until he was about 18 months old. Then it was an immune deficiency, tubes(twice), adenoids... (the list goes on!!). I sometimes wonder if the immune deficiency meant anything?
(that's just my OCD need to understand WHY personality).

I guess this is enough sharing for one day. We have a Endo appt. tomorrow afternoon so I am sure I will share my thought with you all on that...

I encourage you all to talk it out, this actually felt great. I know that I do not live with the disease in the same way that baby boy does... but it's hard on us moms(dads and sissy's too).

Blog to you soon!!

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