Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some days you wonder if your gonna make it!!

Today sure had it ups and downs... no pun intended! The anxiety of school makes Justin's numbers fall for some reason and today was no exception; however... it was just meet & greet.
OH DEAR!! HERE WE GO!! 206 to 49 just in the amount of time it took us to meet 2 teachers.

Then... since this was a crazy night for me (I volunteered to sell uniform shirts from 3 to 7); Daddy agreed to let them have McDonald's... okay... then Daddy said they could have a sundae... hmmm... okay... so you'd think that his sugar would be rather high~ How about 165 before the sundae to 52...what???

Please tell me it gets better one the "honeymoon" stage is over... I sure hope it's not worse.

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