Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good day with THE DOC!!!

Okay, so I stress out every time I visit the Endocrinologist. I think it's because at a little vendor type fair they had when baby boy was first diagnosed, I met a mom that stated the doctor was real tough and kinda yelled at her if you will... mind you this was before I actually had a real appt. with him. So every appointment I have- I'm prepared for!!! Well that mom must have been either sensitive or not even trying to maintain her child's sugar because we haven't been "yelled at" yet. (phew!!)
I should also mention that we have a wonderful doctor(Dr. DeClue) I have never waited or been rushed out of the room~ I think he is the only doctor I know that doesn't overbook. (I probably shouldn't brag because I'll end up waiting and rushed on my next appt:)

So like any smart woman would... after the doctor we went shopping!!! Hey~ why not?
I am a little late with buying school stuff this year~ I am usually done by now and after today I remember why. EVERYTHING is picked over~ and if you find something, it's out in the size we need. Plus, I don't mean to vent, but when are these stores going to realize that Floridian's do not need jackets, sweaters and jeans in August, September, October November or even December(usually). It's hot here!!! Give us shorts!!!

That's all you need to hear of that...

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