Saturday, August 15, 2009

Count down to school

10 days to go until the 1st day of school. I found out the names of my kids new teachers today and I have to say, I am a little stressed! Baby boy's new teacher was expecting her first child this summer; does this mean she will not be there when school starts? What if she decides not to return-will we be stuck with multiple subs this year? The hubby tells me not to stress... yeah, easy for him to say!! I do hear she is a good teacher~ I will just cross my fingers that she will be there to prove it and I don't have to deal with subs, subs and more subs!!!

Baby boy had a pretty low day today; for some unknown reason, his levels dropped below 50 a few times. This is a definite switch from the constant "highs" we've had lately. I told him that if his sugar wasn't too bad that I would give him a treat tonight... he hasn't had a sundae in a while and Sonic has these "Jr. Candy Sundae's". We are going to give them a try... he is sooo excited(I am too!!)

Happy Saturday!!

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