Saturday, June 23, 2012

Five question Friday...

For you Kelly.

1. What do you keep a stock pile of?

That's easy... test strips, insulin, pump supplies and a small mountain of Juicy Juice.

2. If Ben & Jerry asked you to invent an ice cream, what would it be?

Shit... I'm just gonna take this Neapolitan style. Ya know, with the 3 flavors all in one container.

Lets see... I think my flavor one would be called  something like "Junk in da Trunk". It would be loaded with caramel, and a little chocolate, maybe some coconut and banana; a few nuts... pecans.

Flavor 2... Strawberry cheesecake. Not just flavored that way. I want chunks of strawberry's, chunks of cheesecake and clumps of graham cracker crust in there, please.

Flavor 3... Chocolate marshmallow, nuff said!

3. How do you blow off steam?

I pace... in circles, passing through the kitchen often to stress eat. *Such behavior may not be suitable for stripper shoes.

4. What would you do if you had an hour to yourself anywhere within a ten mile radius of your kids, no hubby, just you?

Sleep. I know that's probably not the answer this question was meant to inspire, but I am a little deprived.

5. When you were 16, what was your curfew in the summertime?

Ah, the curfew. That thing that I will expect my children to abide by. 

For me... It's been a while, but I believe it was midnight unless something specific was going on and then it was adjusted accordingly. This was back in the "old days" when parents choose your curfew.

And there you have it... My first 5QF in for-ev-a.For old time sake, go ahead, ask me anything. OR you can head over to Mama M's blog and suggest some good questions for the upcoming 5QF's. After all, I was only able to squeeze the word stripper in once. 


sky0138 said...

LOL whew...i totally thought the answer to your ice cream question was "shit"......thank goodness I kept reading...ahahaha! SO GLAD 5QF is back! My question for you is...If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? (i'm gonna go ahead and say mine would be Reese's PB

Alexis Nicole said...

how I've missed those :)

Kelly said...

It's BACK...and so are YOU! My question to you is - Do you put that "junk in da trunk" in a bikini or one piece?..with the stripper shoes of course! xoxo

Tracy1918 said...

Just popping in to say hi!

Jules said...

lol @ stripper shoes.

Unknown said...

That cheese cake icecream with the graham cracker crust in there sounds YUMMY!

Sarah said...

yeah! I'd buy that ice cream by the gallons, that is after I worked up an appetite from walking circles in my stripper shoes :) Glad you wrote this, it always makes me smile!

Karen said...

I want "Junk in da Trunk"!!!! As in the ice cream . . . . because my trunk has way too much junk already. Which in turn means I really don't need the ice cream after all. *sigh*

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