Saturday, October 10, 2009

What a week!!

Whew... what a crazy week. Big project: sold a scrapbook and had to finish it by this morning. I just started it last Sunday(I do my best work when I have less time to ponder:). I scraped like a mad woman in between boy scouts, girl scouts, guitar practice, 2 doctors appointments, dentist appointments, school stuff, hitting up the family for popcorn sales and so on... The book turned out cute though and from what I hear the "Mommy to be" love it! (guess that's all that matters)
Tomorrow... I have to make up for slacking around the house all week. Lot's of tidying to do because my mother-in-law will be here for the next two weeks while I am in training. Unfortunately, I don't think the 10 minute tidy will do this time??
The next few weeks will be much of the same... Leighanna's 10th birthday in on the 23rd and it sounds like she has BIG PLAN'S!!! (oh boy) In the pre-teen spirit; the snooty...I mean sweet little princess has found her opinion?? (btw~ it no longer matches mine) Simply deciding what to wear for picture day was a task and required a whole lot of "creative" reverse psychology to make things go somewhat my way. What happened to: I laid a freshly ironed outfit on her bed, she put it on, end of story?
Now for the hubby... I am sitting her beside him as he has literally CHEWED his nails off over the Gator game... he's up waaay past his usual 9:30 bed time... and his knee has been bobbing up and down so nervously that the whole couch is jiggling with him!!! I love the Gators and this game has been a "nail bitter", but my lord... have a beer and chill out pumpkin.

On that note...
Happy Saturday...

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