Friday, November 20, 2009

Things I absolutely DID NOT do this week...

~I absolutely did not forget to stop at the store and get my hubby a desert to celebrate his birthday. Which means I did not run up there when he called to say he was on his way and I did not tell him I waited to cook the brownies for his brownie sundae so that they would be warm enough to soften the ice cream.
~I absolutely did not have to stay up until 3am on Tuesday fixing the PTA budget that I absolutely did not screw all up last month.
~ Then on Wednesday I absolutely did not have to stay up until 4am to finish up the typing of my kids science fair reports... I did not doze off several times... and I did not crack up at my hilarious wording errors because of my non lack of exhaustion.
I mean SERIOUSLY... who would say... "Why does loose gum loose it’s flavor?"
~I absolutely did not paint new polish over my old polish because I have not been neglecting my toes and I am not in desperate need of a pedi.
~My eyebrows do not look like Albert Einstein's right now.
~I am absolutely not a bottled blond, therefore my roots are not way to long because I am
absolutely not completely neglecting myself.
~I did not TRY to get out of going on Justin's field trip to MOSI (Museum of Science and Industry) even though I knew I had to go.
~I did not eat Lays BBQ potato chips for breakfast.
~I did not neglect to cook dinner all week because my hubby wasn't home for it. which means my kids ABSOLUTELY DID NOT eat Beef's, Beef's leftover's, McDonald's, Sonic and Pizza for dinner all in the same week. Since we DIDN'T do that... maybe we can eat out tonight :)
~I did not have to start Justin's science fair project over again because it is not hot enough in the garage to prove that heat makes a difference in evaporation. (it's Florida.. the garage is always hot!)
~Speaking of science fair projects... I absolutely did not steal an idea and then convince my daughter to change her plant project to a bubble gum project because I have a black thumb and can kill a cactus.
~Because I didn't do the above mentioned... I also didn't use the post from Shark Bait to convince her how cute the NON-STOLEN project idea could be.
~I did not send a little boy home because I could not deal with him running around my back yard SCREAMING "I hate you" to the other kids... I didn't have to do this because his parents actually watch him while he's outside.
~I am absolutely not still sitting here watching Sponge Bob even though my kids are not still in the room.
~I am sooo not writing this post to avoid house cleaning and laundry. ~I would N-E-V-E-R!!
~I am absolutely not jealous that other D-bloggy friends(Joanne) live close to other D-bloggy friends(Laura) and that I have no D-bloggy friends that live near me in Florida to hang out with.
I mean seriously... I would never wanna hang out!
~And I am not DREADING this year's holiday season... I really LOVE the holidays... I don't know why I would EVER do that!
NOPE... I would NEVER! What did you ABSOLUTELY NOT DO this week?


phonelady said...

LOL boy I sure feel you on this post . Yep right there with you on this one and especially about the hair color and the eyebrows . LOL !! too funny you are have a great one dear .

Meri said...

I absolutely did not tell my sister in law last week that I was stealing the bubble gum idea from Shark Bait too.

I absolutely did not ask my husband if my youngest was just sleeping or in a diabetic coma.

And I would NEVER be sitting here avoiding house cleaning either. NEVER!

Why must California and Florida be so far away from each other?

Hallie Addington said...

I also did not ask my husband I'd my daughter was sleeping or in a diabetic coma. I did not tell my child she wouldn't be able to go back to school if she didn't start peeing in the potty. I also did not eat out every ning this week and absolutely did NOT eat at McDonalds or get a coke there for breakfast!
I'm also not at all jealous! Lora, we go to Florida all the time. My parents have a place there in Bradenton- going to look and see how close you are. We'll be there for Spring break and maybe summer!

Megann said...

A pedicure sounds real good right now....

Lora said...

Megann~ a pedi does sound good!

Hallie~ I think Bradenton's about 45 min away.. let me know when your coming :)

Meri~ I am so glad that I am not the only NON science fair idea theif.

I am also glad my eyebrows and roots are not alone :)

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