Friday, February 12, 2010

UMM ~ I do know how to drive... REALLY I DO!

Let me tell you about the last two mornings. Things not so good in "Lora land".

Thursday Morning: I woke up about 15 min late because Justin was a little iffy (123) at his 12:30 check and I waited another 45 min to see which way he was going before I gave him some juice. So by the time I rechecked at 1:30 and gave him his juice... I went to bed at a late 1:50am.
Okay, back to my morning. I hop up, wake the kids and head to the kitchen to start lunches n such. It wasn't till about 20 minutes late that I realized how exceptionally quiet it was. (???)
As I looked around... no kids... what? They BOTH fell back asleep and I didn't notice. (good job mom). So now that we are even more behind, I decide that there is NO WAY Leighanna will make it to guitar practice this morning. (No biggie because she only missed one other practice all year)

So we hop in Anthony's truck because his work truck was behind my car. I take the kids to school and head home.

Now this may be hard to understand since none of you have ever seen my house, but I sometimes have obstacles when it come to getting in/out of the driveway.
1. Anthony now brings home a full size work truck so we now play musical cars.
2. Our friends across the street, love them but he parks his truck on the side of his house which is directly in front of my driveway.
3. Thursday is garbage day so we also had 2 garbage cans nicely placed in an odd manner thanks to the friendly garbage man who likes to toss them.

Now the smart thing to do would have been to move the garbage cans, but we were going to be late. So I successfully jog my way out of the driveway and off to school we go.

When I get back I squeeze my way back through said garbage cans and work truck. I had it... so I thought! BAM!!!! I hit the back of the work truck with with Anthony's truck. There is damage to the back door and the panel where the wheel well is. (work truck is just fine).
Well GOOD HELL... okay so that's to exactly what actually came out of my mouth. Those words are not so lady like.

Before then I was hanging on to the edge of the cliff that Meri described. We have had so much weight put on our shoulders in the last year. Weight that I don't talk about, but it has affected me in a major way. So when that happened... I fell off. ~Holy melt down batman. 1. because now I have to pay to get it fixed... how? I don't know. It HAS to be fixed because it's a lease and unless we extend it, we turn it in mid May (yes, this May).

Anthony took it well. Even told me that in some way shape or form he was sure it was "somehow his fault" (love him for that).
My meltdown was brutal. You know... the "when is all the bad going to end" kind of meltdown.
The one where you question "why God is mad" at you and wonder what you did to "deserve all the challenges you've had to face". I needed it though and I am glad Anthony was here to hug me and tell me it was okay.

Friday morning: I had to sub this morning so I was up on time and started the kids a few minutes early so that I wouldn't start my morning and theirs stressed. It worked. We were on time leaving with just a few(okay several)... "JUSTIN LETS GO's!!!"

Anthony had moved his work truck onto the road. I didn't even notice. I jumped in his truck because I need gas and headed out on time. As I was backing out... I looked in the side mirror to see where the neighbors truck was. I was good so back I went. BAM!!!!WTF???
You've got to be shitting me. I backed into Anthony's work truck. Were talkin two days in a row. Who does that? Oh that's right... ME!

So this time Anthony walks out. Looks at me. Shakes his head. And goes inside. I can't blame him... I would be pissed at me to. As a matter of fact, I was pissed at me.

Either way, I learned a few lessons today.
1. I have way to much on my mind.
2. I need to start remembering to watch out for that damn work truck.
3. At some point in everyones life... they WILL back into something. (this was my first)
4.I can no longer live with out the back-up "idiot" sensors that I have on my car. That annoying beep is a lifesaver.

Tomorrow... (with any luck) I will be sleeping in.


Wendy said...


Oh, I'm so sorry about these few days. SO SO SO SORRY!!!!! If there's anything I can do...I know I'm far, but ANYTHING...please let me know.

I'll say a prayer for you...and have another glass of wine in your honor :)

Meri said...

Well, good hell need a vacation.
Dear dear Lora...I SO feel for you.

I can just see you on the edge of that cliff...wishing you could jump and feel the freedom from the constant teetering. Meltdowns are freeing. We can lighten our burdens saying things out loud that weigh on our shoulders. I'm glad your husbands arms were there to get you through.

And I'm especially sorry you had two accidents in a row. I can promise you'll laugh at it someday. You had me giggling, even though I felt awful for you with every fiber of my soul.

(((HUGS))) Sleep dear friend. Next week will be better. Hey, it can only go up from here!

Sending you love and good thoughts from the West coast.

Unknown said...

Holy Shit...LOL...about the description of your mornings...only because I can totally relate. Meri is right, you will laugh about it the meantime know we are all with you in spirit.I hope you have a good weekend!

phonelady said...

Wow Lora sounds like you have had a bad week hope the wknd finds you better . find some peace and de flate . I hope things get better i am just a phone call away dear if you need to talk . Blessings .

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