Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week... Day 2

Making the low go... don't forget to check out Karen's blog for a list of all the blogs participating in the Diabetes Blog Week.

Lets see... to answer this question I might have to empty out my purse or rummage through the center console of my car to check out the secret stash.

hmmm ~ peanut butter crackers... laffy taffy... oh! there's a juicy juice in there (no wonder my purse is so heavy). Of course I have a stash of glucose tabs... fruit snacks... fruit roll ups and one pink starburst.

We are apparently not to picky when it comes to "perking up" our numbers when we are on the go :)

When we are home... Justin goes straight for the COOKIES!! I think we should let them indulge when they can. Why not? After all, they got the crappy end of the stick in all this.

For those overnight lows... I like to use V8 splash. I have found that it doesn't make Justin crash like the Juicy Juice does. I use to try and feed him, but it was way to hard to keep him awake (chewing while sleeping is a talent for sure :)

Sooo that's the "low" down on lows at our house :)

Happy Tuesday!!!


Meri said...

See, I'm completely impressed that you can keep cookies in the house. A bag of cookies wouldn't last 15 minutes here.

Even if I hid them from the boys...they still wouldn't last 15 minutes.

LaLa said...

Cracking up - did you really find all of that in your purse? bahahaha!!

I just bought V8 Splash - am anxious to give it a try!

Unknown said...

Yeah...I'm with Meri and was just over at Donna's blog...how the hell do YOU NOT eat the cookies??? I'd be a WHALE!!!

connie said...

I'm with Meri and Reyna on the cookies...

I have a serious sweet tooth so I try to keep sweets around the house that I won't dig into...cookies would be gone in a flash with me :)

We stick to the glucose tabs and juice boxes in our house as our main go-to's for lows, but I am loving all of the different ideas I am getting from all of my blog buddies!!!

Thanks for sharing all your sweet ideas :)

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