Thursday, May 13, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week... Day 4, 5, 6 & 7

I have to navigate a little from the flo of Diabetes blog week. Those that visit often will understand. The problem is this post... this one right here... is post number 98. If I continue daily with the planned topics... I will blog right past the big 100th post.

I can't have that... then I would miss the fun.

To fix my little delema... I decided to finish out the rest of the weeks topics with a bang.

All in one shot. Yes, this is number 98... what in the world am I going to do with number 99?

Well... 99 will be saved for an emergency vent until I figure out what to do with 100.

I will do my best to make this short and sweet like me... bahahahaha :)

To carb or not to carb... I LOVE me some carbs! Don't you?

Justin ate carbs before D came along... why should I completely cut them out now? We say that more than ANYTHING... we want our children to feel normal. We don't want them left out. Well I don't know about where your from, but around here... kids DO eat McDonald once in a while.

Whats wrong with that? OOOOOOH! I know.... NOT.A.DAMN.THING!

So to carb or not to carb... there is no question.

Let's get moving... Justin is pretty active. I think thats great. Diabetes or not... we SHOULD all take a little time out to Shred :) Right ladies?

I do however load the carbs before we do certain things such as swimming. One hour of water play will get you an ugly number on the ol' meter (as in todays 41... down from 260). But I don't have to tell any of you that... cuz you know.

Diabetes snapshots... No caption needed.

Dream a little dream... If Justin could swallow a magic pill and make all this go away... one could only dream of such a thing for sure. What would I do?

Breathe... Cry... Sleep (oh would I sleep)... Burn our D supplies... Eat pizza and pasta for three weeks straight... Sleep... Scream at the top of my lungs... Jump up and down... Dance... YOU NAME IT... what WOULDN'T I DO?... Did I mention Sleep?

Dare I dream of the day?

Well thats it for me ladies... I will be stalking all of your blogs throughout the rest of the week.

Happy Diabetes blog week!!!


Meri said...

Best post ever! I can't wait to see what you have pressure. :)

And btw...impressed with the ellipsis usage. You rocked it!

Donna said...

Sleep..... oohhhhh sleeep!
I'm done now. Its just that you left me with such a sweet daydream there at the end that it took a moment to pull out of it. :P

I love the picture.
I agree with the carbs philosophy!
Can't wait for your 100th!!!

Nicole said...

WOW I'm on blog #90 can't wait to see what you do with your 100th and Meri I'm sorry that I missed your :(

Great post!

Wendy said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!! A little something to look forward too!!!!!

100 ;) ;)

Love your post, love me some carbs, love an occasional McD's drive thru, love - love - LOVE the pic, don't love the shred so much (but, whatever), LOVE YOU!

LaLa said...

Love, Love, Love your post! Now am anxiously awaiting #100. Rock it girl!

Unknown said...

Oh that you put them together!!! I am not even posting today I don't think. I cannot KEEP up with the moving and all. My house looks like a fucking tornado hit it! There - DITTO on everything Lora said - I am done with Diabetes Blog week - maybe. We'll see if I can suck up some time from somewhere in the day.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! As I try to get through the almost 1,000 posts I come upon this with great pleasure! :) Short and to the point. Why say more? I'm looking forward to what's in store for 100!

Amanda said...

Lora - I miss you! You haven't posted in forever and I could really use some Lora humor here...How are things going?

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