Sunday, January 16, 2011

I was inspired to write this post by the super cute Haley over at Naturally Sweet. I have had it ready thinking I would have something else to add, but that has not happened and if I don't post soon... I never will.

In Haley's post; she talked about the documentary "Super Size Me"... you can click on the link above to see what all she has to say about it.

In a nutshell she talks about how D is viewed. This is a HUGE topic around the DOC... and for good reason.

The point is... at the end she asks this question... "If someone went to Times Square and gave them this little quiz what do you think the results would be?"

How does someone get type 1 diabetes?

a) From being fat
b) Hereditary or other unknown causes that have nothing to do with life style choices
c) I don’t know

d) other

Here was my response: Their answer would be A for sure. It sucks, but that's just the reality of it all.

I wish that I could say I was not one of those people that would have answered "A" a few years ago, but I can't.

Times are changing though... I can feel it

In defense of my ignorance... no one really talked about D when I was Haley's age. I went to high school with two T1's(that I know of)... One I cheered with(and roomed with at camp) and one I talked to in history my whole junior year. I didn't even know he was diabetic until recently when my husband went hunting with him and made the connection that we knew each other. 

I am SO guilty of thinking the same things that I try and educate against today. So I understand. I get it. I get BOTH sides of it.

HOWEVER, as I told Haley... "I think that times are changing".

-I believe they are changing because we are no longer afraid to stand up and talk about the monster that haunts us.

-I believe they are changing because we are now realizing that it is okay to stand up and educate for ourselves and for our children.

-I believe they are changing because we know that education is the ONLY chance we have of finding a cure.

-I believe they are changing because WE REFUSE TO HIDE from the stereotype the media and ancient belief has put upon us.

I believe they are changing because WE ARE STRONGER THAN DIABETES.

I believe they are changing because there is a force of D Mamas and PWD's determined to make it happen. I stand beside Haley, Laura and Nicole  and everyone else who's taking a stand and trying to make a difference.

There will always be stereotypes, but we will overcome them. One stereotype at a time. Everyday. Until the day we don't have a reason to fight anymore. On that day... there will be a cure.



Unknown said...

Honored to share this experience with so many amazing people. We're changing the face of D, one person at a time!

Alexis Nicole said...

Amen. We are a group to be reckoned with!!!

connie said...

You are soooo right! We are all standing up, sharing our voices, our stories and our wisdom and that's the best thing we could do to help eliminate all of those awful stereotypes and hopefully get us that much closer to a cure.

Thanks for the inspiring post...luv it :)

Amy said...

Rock on, my D-sistah, rock on. I love a good 'rally' post. Nice work!!!!!

:) Tracie said...

One of my very good friends in high school was diabetic and she was my college roommate. I was a HORRIBLE friend....I would go drinking with her in college ALL the time and eat pizza and tons of crap....I didn't get it at all! She even showed me how to use Glucagon once before we went out drinking (like I would've been sober enough to use it) THANK GOD nothing ever happened to her! The irony!
This was in the late 80's, so much has changed, but not much by way of sharing information.....unless for us to be that voice now! It's a good thing we can shout out loud together!

Unknown said...

I agree Lora, I think we are amidst different times. I sure hope so. I do love how the DOC is starting to really make a difference in educating, advocating, and sharing our stories.

Great post...and...even as a nurse, I did not fully understand type 1 until I was living it.

Meri said...

I love this powerful post too. I believe the tide is changing. S-L-O-W-L-Y...but we are here now...and we have a voice!

Misty said...

TOGETHER we ARE stronger than Diabetes, for sure! I feel change a comin' too:)

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