Friday, February 4, 2011

Where ya been girl...

Well, since I asked... let me tell you where I've been :)

I am so out of the loop. Justin has missed more school in the last few weeks than he has in the past three years combined. Including missing this entire week. DAMN FLU SHOT THAT DIDN'T STOP THE FRIGGIN FLU!!!!!

Make that STUPID DAMN FLU SHOT TIMES TWO!!!! Because now Leighanna has a fever.

We had fevers up to 103.5... low blood sugars... then high blood sugars. I have stacked insulin like nobodies biz-ness and still couldn't budge those 200's.

He's been hungry... CONSTANTLY! It figures that the Flu that runs through my house would make you want to eat. In that case... I'm sure to get it.

I have been out of the loop for a little over two weeks, but if feels like its been f.o.r.e.v.e.r.

During my hiatus... I dove it to a few good books.

DON'T LAUGH!!! But the roll my eyes, no thanks cuz I'm not interested in Vampires and Ware wolves girl turned overnight Twilight J.U.N.K.I.E has been away reading all.four.books.

Fuck yes people... I read Twilight in ONE DAY. That shit is addicting.

The fact that Justin was sick kinda helped because I laid there with him (to keep him company of course) and read while he watched T.V.

I am not exaggerating when I say... had it not been for a sick child, work, a birthday party, volunteering at school, a field trip, cooking lunch/dinner and etc... I would have had a four books read in 4 days. Because of all the above mentioned distractions... it took me eight :)

This all from a girl who has NEVER finished a book in her life.

YEP! I had all four books finished 8 days after I pick up the first.

I became lost, absorbed, engrossed in those books. I couldn't put them down.

THEN... would you believe that I re-read Breaking Dawn AGAIN this week while Justin held me hostage in the room.

SURE DID!!! And it was just as good the second time around.

I can't wait until the movie comes out. I know - I know... J.U.N.K.I.E!!

So that's my story. Sickness, birthday parties, field trips, work AND TWILIGHT!!!!!!!

You guys were right... the books are awesome :)


Heidi =) said...

Welcome back! I hope you have filled your sick quota for the year. I missed your Wed post, I just missed you period. Glad you found some thing to distract you while Justin was sick.

Amy said...

I am so happy to be among one of the many p.u.s.h.e.r.s of teh Twilight series! Yes, yes; the series turned my sister into a book reader as well ;)

And, WOWZA! Am I impressed with reading one book in one day? You betcha!

I am a little disappointed the vampires trumped the DOC. I get it, though.

Isn't it fun to be addicted to something taht doesn't make you fat or high or broke???!!!!

Welcome back, my friend. Glad Justin has teh flu at his back but am terribly sorry to hear about Leighanna. :(

Unknown said...

Bummer on the illnesses, but a big ol' WOOT on TWILIGHT!!! They are fantastic. I sure could use a HOT Edward to take me away from all of this! LOL.

Nicole said...

I love that you read all four books in eight days :) way to go!! I'm not a reader at all and you gave me hope that one day I can finish a book :)

Sorry about all the sickness in your house I really hope that everyone feels better soon!!

Unknown said...

Can't jump on the bandwagon. Nope. Not gonna do it. I have reasons that run REALLY DEEPER than the surface truth that I just can't handle another addiction. (I'll talk about it privately, but not in the comment section of your very awesome thoroughly read blog!!)


I have them.

But I love you anyway.

And I'm glad you're back :)

Alexis Nicole said...

Booo to the illness. Hope kids get better soon. I have so missed u !

Ehh I loves me some True Blood but I may have to try those...I just cant keep my eyes open!

Stephanie said...

Sorry to hear about all the sickies in your house....but woooooot to Twilight! I remember re-reading them all over again after I finished them. So addicting!

Hallie Addington said...

Yeah, baby!! Twilight kicks bootie!!! Glad you were able to escape into them during all the illness and craziness. Also glad that J is better.... And hoping L isn't getting it too! Welcome back! I've missed you!

connie said...

Sorry to hear about the Flu making the rounds in your house :( Hope everyone makes a full recovery soon!

Twilight...haven't read any of the books OR seen the movies...I'm thinking I may have to just jump on that bandwagon soon, it seems people just can't get enough of it!

So, to all the Twilight die I read the books first or watch the movies first??? Help a girl out here! :)

Lora said...

Because I am not a reader... I am kinda glad I watched the movies first. I think it was great that I could "picture" the characters as I was reading. PLUS... I didn't want to stop reading the first three because I HAD to know what happened in the last one.

Make sense??

Donna said...

HAHA!! I love that you are now an addict! =) I agree with Amy - nothing wrong with being addicted to something that wont make you fat, high or broke. LOL

Hopefully the sick bugs have all cleared out, now, though!! =)

LaLa said...

I totally abandoned my family to read those books - SO DAMN GOOD!! GO TEAM EDWARD!

I hope everyone is feeling much, much better. No more sick!!!!!!

Jen said...

I have missed you! Sorry to hear Justin was so sick..glad though that you got some time to read! Looking forward to the return of wazzup wednesday! xo

Meri said...

I didn't see this...probably because I was DYING from this fickin flu too!!! Thank goodness for good meds from the doctors. Two weeks Lora. I was down for two weeks. My husband kept it together for the first week and a half, and then the house went to hell. So here I am, day two of feeling better and I'm starting to sort through the aftermath of it all! Hope you didn't get it friend!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Just linked over from Reyna's blog, luv your style, and I didn't see my wife for whole days at a time during that series, I added ya to my blog post. I also have a wack of offspring, 5 total, 2 type 1's and the big D myself.

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