Sunday, March 6, 2011

Get out of my nightmares...

Alright... that's it! I can't even get away from D in my dreams nightmares. What ever happened to a good ol' monster chase or a crazy clown trying to get ya?

You remember Steven King's- IT?

I don't sleep much... ever(raise your hand if you do right?)! And last night's volume of lethargy was on the side of less than I fancy. It was one of those nights, when your either being aggressive with a high or rotting teeth while treating a low.   

So last night's poison was the pain in the ass high that would not succumb to my mad rage bolus skills. NOPE... THE D HAS THE PMS(THE BIOTCH IS ON MY SCHEDULE NOW!)

ANYWHO... 454 at 1am is not my idea of fun. So I shot him up with some of the liquid gold thinking that I totally fucked up that "swag" on the Strawberry Short Cake. Then I set my alarm for 3am.

At 2:30am I jump up in a full panic... I had JUST pulled my zombie like son out of a four lane highway full of traffic. It was like a movie... He was suppose to be at school. From the outside, I watched him wonder around in no apparent direction. Then he went through a fence and suddenly ended up on the highway. Then I was in the movie with him... I noticed him as I was driving down the highway. 

This dream nightmare was vivid. I remember going into the office yelling after I treated his low and brought him back to the land of the living. I remember the office staff acted as if they couldn't have done anything to prevent this. "What's wrong with you people" I said. 

Never mind that my kids school is inside the neighborhood and no where near a  four lane highway. Nor did I recognize the office staff(we have awesome office ladies btw).

So while I was up I decided to go ahead and check. Beep. Poke. Suck. Beep. Beep. Countdown... 377. Okay, total opposite of the low my suckity dream had me prepared for. Insert rage bolus and set alarm for 4:30(only brought him down to 254 btw).

I think I fell asleep around 3:15. I fell back to sleep thinking about that dream. I woke up this morning thinking about that dream.

I keep wondering what the crap it was about. Am I so consumed with stress and fear that I have to dream about it too?

Give me the clown any day... I don't want to see my son in danger anymore. Even if it IS just a dream nightmare.

I know - I know... I'm loosing it!


Alexis Nicole said...

Ok first,sorry about that high. But what the fuck is up with Jus and Jus being on the same path all the time?! We had 6 hours of 350! With corrections by shot, temp basals and site change! and I wrote a simliar post twin.

Stupid fucking D! Leave us alone!!

BTW: I love ya!

Hallie Addington said...

Man. You need a break. Dreams should be filled with desert islands and relaxation. Not THAT. Gotta be stress. You were worried you'd overbolused?? Idk. Wishing you sweet dreams tonight!

And thanks, btw- if I dream if that freaky ass clown I'm calling YOU!

Unknown said...

I hate the FREAKY DEAKY WAXED-BEACON CLOWN DREAMS! UGH. But I hate that you were having this nightmare about Justin's safety and well being all the more Lora.

You and I could have been up all night computing...except I had a lowish, ketotic, puking Joe to deal with. (((HUGS)))

Jen said...

Oh Lora! What a crappy night!! I hope tonight is a better, nightmare free, steady bloody sugar one. You need some rest woman!

Meri said...

I've also had those vivid dreams. You are SO right...can't we get a break when we sleep?

So I've decided you need a vacation. California?

Jules said...

i wake up in panic all the time. not in response to d dreams, just because i think ive slept thru alarms. ugh. if my baby is ever away from me i guess thats when i'll have my 4-lane dreams. hope you get some rest!

Donna said...

Yep ... D invades my dreams...ahem... nightmares, all the time. It sucks!

Leave us the hell alone, D!

Misty said... I'm going to have nightmares of that darn clown in the picture! Hope you have gotten some rest since then and are having more sweet dreams:)

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