Saturday, May 11, 2013

4th Annual Diabetes Blog Week...

Monday kicks off the 4th annual Diabetes Blog week, hosted by the awesome Karen over at Bitter~Sweet.

Click on the banner below to get a sneak peek at this weeks topics and to see a list of all the awesome bloggers who will be joining in the fun.

Thank you, Karen, for hosting such a great event :)

On a more personal note, I am sure going to do my best to blog every day, but no promises... its going to be a crazy week for me. I am going to play the role of a single, working, dmama... YIKES! I think I might even have to go grocery shopping too. Double Yikes!!!! Now before you get a funky look on your face... No, I don't do the grocery shopping. I write the list and Anthony pushes the cart around the store.
Listen... we had to divide and conquer when I went back to work and grocery shopping was on the top of my list to delegate... yeah, we'll call it delegating. I hate it and he doesn't mind it. Win-Win and a holla just for fun!!

Anywho, the Mr. is headed to Ohio this week with his family. Note... his entire family who helps me when he is not around. They will ALL be gone. Help(aka Mr. grocery) and backup plan(aka, my "were in a jam can you help" help)... GONE... ALL-OF-THEM.

THEN, as life does, the curve balls were thrown as soon as the purchase button was pushed on I get an email about a mandatory training that I have to go into the office for. SHIZ! Justin has tutor that night... good thing I have a lead foot. BOTH of my kids have spring concerts... on separate nights. Leighanna has viola lessons etc etc etc... the list goes on really. I don't think I've had to get dressed this much since I started working at home last summer. Crap stix... I hope I have clothes that fit because it's getting a bit to hot to wear sweatpants outside. Then again... I might be lucky to brush my hair this next week so I may not give two shits about what I'm wearing anyways.

I know, I know... all the single mama's out there are going "stop complaining you witch; its only a week". Believe me, I know I shouldn't complain. And I'm not really complaining, per say, just a "I'm dreading this" vent to help clear my mind.

Now I can go start my "to do" lists. I wonder if I can con Anthony into going grocery shopping before he leaves???

Happy Saturday!

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