Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Destination... Mud Run... Me #2

And here we are... post #2 of destination me (inspired by Hallie). I will be honest... I have a tradition(if you will) about dieting. I like to start dieting on Monday. I secretly do this so I can binge eat until i'm sick or until all of the good "crap" is out of the house.

Can I call that last weeks goal?

If so, keep tradition... check!

I did actually start on Monday, by the way.

-One thing Hallie and I share is our love for coke, I am a diet girl, but I also prefer my diet coke over coffee any day. That said, I do know I have to give it up in order to reach my goal and I also know if I have it in the house I will never drink anything but that.

I drank my last diet coke Monday morning. We will see how that works out for me. (I'm actually breaking out in colds sweats just thinking about it... #feelinglikeacrackhead)

Yikes... enough about that before I ditch this post and make a Sonic run.

-I decided to sign up for the annual "Well Challenge(WC)" at work. The WC is an 8 week challenge. You can choose a goal, such as: weight challenge, fitness challenge, fruit and veggie challenge and a few more. I choose the weight challenge, of course, because that will make me focus on both diet and exercise all at once. I am required to log my daily food and exercise... so far, I have been on it!!! In the end, the ultimate goal in this challenge is to loose 5% of my current weight... that puts me right around 8-9lbs to lose in the 8 weeks. Then maybe... I could even win a trip, but I won't hold my breath on that one.

Today they sent me a motivational "badge" for sticking with it for 3 whole days... HOLLA!

Now here's the biggie... are you sitting down?

I have no idea how, but I also managed to drag my tired rump out of bed at 5:45am the past three days. THEN, I actually put my shoes on and walked on the treadmill. Granted, only for 30 min a day and I barely made it 2 miles, but hey... that is 130 min further than I was walking last week. Baby steps peeps!!! I will make it through that mud run even if I have to crawl.

Goal... I'm suppose to set one, right?

I think I may go with Hallie on this one. I am going to try and go to bed. I get an average of 4 1/2 - 5 hours of sleep per night. I need to change that if I want to reach my goal. I need sleep. My body needs sleep. Wish me lots of luck with this one... I probably have a better chance of giving up the diet coke.

Until next week.


Sara said...

I will run, I will jump, I will swim, I will diet. I will eat zero carbs. I will NOT give up my Diet Pepsi!!

Marjorie said...

What is with the Monday start?! I ALWAYS have to start on a Monday. Good luck with the Mud Run. Sounds like fun!

Sarah said...

ahhhhh the sleep goal. I so wish this could work for me, but somehow I got a double whammy with being a night owl and d. It never fails that the nights I try to force myself to bed before midnight Isaac's bg is low, how is that?!
Bravo to you for the first three days of getting up and moving.
Now here is to another 3 (and many more) great days of getting moving! You can do it!

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