Friday, November 6, 2009

Things I absolutely DID NOT do this week!

I absolutely did not... get a call from my daughters teacher because I forgot to send in her field trip money.

I did not let the prescription on Justin's Glucagon pen expire before I refilled it.

I would never feed my family Cubans for dinner.

I did not tell a group of 3rd graders they were holding a yard stick and the absolutely did not correct me because it was not in fact a meter stick.

I absolutely did not dread that Wednesday was only a half day of school... and I would never wish that they would just keep my sweet angels there so that I could get some stuff done.

I would never rewrite my daughters class speech for her because it was not real good. NEVER!

I absolutely did not forget a stack of checks that went with a PTA deposit... I did not go to the bank with out them... therefore I did not have to run up there like a crazy woman before they closed when I realized that the stack of check was absolutely not still sitting on my table.

I never forgot Leighanna had girl scouts... my friend absolutely did not call and ask if I wanted her to drive.(I usually drive the girls... so I absolutely did not forget about it)

And I absolutely did not leave my kitchen a mess to write this blog.



Wendy said...

I needed that! Man...I'm almost afraid to think about the things I didn't do this week...

phonelady said...

yes I think I forgot to do some things this wk . wendy we have had a pretty crappy week .

Meri said...

It was two years ago that I was seriously worried I needed a CT scan. I was forgetting EVERYTHING!!! It took a good 6 months to pass...but man, I was pretty pathetic. It was the school secretary who finally gave me my diagnosis. I suffered from AFG. (Always Forgetting Stuff. :)

Lora said...

Ladies, my brain is fried. I have always been super organized and I would never do the above mentioned things... nope not me... NEVER!!

Shamae (Ghost written by Loren her hubby) said...

Cubans? Not the race of people I hope! ;) j/k Oh man don't we all have those weeks! Clever way to share it though!

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