Saturday, February 6, 2010

My thoughts on Oprah...

Honestly, I don't think a whole lot about Oprah. I think she is good at getting ratings. I think her show use to be better than it is today. Honestly, I doubt I would have even know she was doing a show on Diabetes if I didn't get an update on Facebook from a fellow D mom.

So out of curiosity... I googled Oprah to see what was happening. The previews said it all. I didn't need to watch the show to tell you it was going to be all about type 2.

So why did I set the DVR??? Who knows! Curiosity again? Hope that they would differentiate between the two? Maybe I wanted to watch it so that I could keep up with the chat about it afterwards.

Either way, I set myself up from the beginning that the "O" show wasn't going to be any different than any other. I told myself that it was going talk all about type 2... the word type 1 would be mentioned but not explained.

Soo did "O" disappoint? NOPE! Not at all.
It was lumped together.
It didn't help the cause for a cure for all those out there faced with this horrid disease.
Those that are NOT over weight.
Those that ARE active.
Those that are babies.
Those that DID NOT have a choice.
It did NOT help the children out there who just want to feel normal.
Those children who's teachers wont give them hot chocolate or king cake even though their friends are all enjoying those things in front of them.

I think JDRF needs a chance to appear on a talk show. Let that talk show use it's resources to help JDRF raise money for a cure. Give T1's a chance to be heard... recognised... and understood.

Let the faces of T1 diabetes be seen.

I challenge you mighty talk shows

To sum it all up... Maybe it did help a few with or at risk of type 2. And that IS wonderful.
But get it straight.

And that's MY two cents on the subject!!!


Hallie Addington said...

Amen, sister! I totally, complety agree. :)

MomOfType1 said...

I second that!!

I am so sick of hearing about T2s on commercials, people telling me they know how I feel because their cat has diabetes, or some "borderline diabetic" asking me if I can believe that his blood sugar was 140? *sarcasm alert* Oh my goodness, sir. Have you ever been 481? Has your meter ever said HI? Have you ever gotten your pump tubing caught on something, and ripped out your site? Oh that's right--you don't have a pump. You take a PILL. Have you ever held your child while she was crying and tried to explain to her that you don't know WHY she has diabetes? Grrrrrrr!

Oh, sorry--forgot it was YOUR blog. I get carried away sometimes at the mere mention of Type 2 diabetes.

I'm right there with 'ya!! That was my 2 cents to add to yours. :) Now we have 4 cents to add to Oprah's nonsense. LOL!

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