Friday, March 19, 2010


On this Fabulous Friday I'm going to do a little bread talk. WHY?? Cuz I wanna!

Just kidding :)

Really, here's the thing. Since Justin was diagnosed I have packed his lunch EVERY.DAY!

Now, here we are ALMOST a year and a half later and we have the whats in my lunch BLAH's

Challenge 1 - This child doesn't eat everything. MAJOR HURDLE. He's a picky little bugger! (I can say that cuz I'm his mama :)

Challenge 2 - I need to get the most bang for my carb count. (rather than the most for my buck ~get it? Never mind, it was cheesy, I know) I need more food without adding carbs.

So Mama's on a mission. I want to find some variety to Justin's packed lunch blues :)

Today's shared find is BREAD. Most likely I am THE LAST to know as usual, but I am going to share anyways.

BEFORE DX it was Publix bread that filled our lunch pail. It stayed fresh the longest and I just liked it. But AFTER DX... the 30 carbs in 2 slices only left me with 15 carbs to work with in Justin's lunch box. Not going to work...

So I tried wheat... a few less carbs. At least enough to make the whole PB& J around 30 carbs.
But, sweet Justin wanted NOTHIN to do with the "brown bread".

Then we found white wheat... 22 carbs in 2 slices. Okay, the same a whole wheat itself, but again... add PB&J and you are left with about 15 carbs to work with.
Then we found mini bagel.. I like Thomas'. They have 16 carbs in one bagel. The best part is that Justin will eat some ham on them ~ SCORE~ more carbs to play with means extra snack!! (they are also good with the favorite PB&J)

Keep reading... cuz the list goes on!

Then we found Martin's sliced potato rolls...(great for sliders) again with 16 carbs... great! Justin eats ham and even tuna on these lately :)

AND then there's my latest find. Pepperidge Farm Very Thin bread. 16 carbs.

I know that the difference between 22 carbs and 16 carbs may not sound like much to most, but to a growing child who has 45 carbs counted out for him every day... woo hoo ~ bring on the extra snack.

What kind of bread do you use??


Tammy said...

We use Arnold's Multi-grain sandwich thins. They are 21 grams of carbs, 1 gram of fat, 6 grams of fiber, and 5 grams of protein. I think especially right now, my kids like the novelty of the shape. Even my 4 1/2 yr old picky eater loves them. We tried the Honey Wheat, but they have a sickening honey smell. One of the things Joel's nutritionist shared: the dietary fiber helps the carbs last longer and fill him up more. The protein digests more slowly which causes the carbs to digest more slowly helping keep sugar numbers level longer. You probably know all this already. We've run into the problem of Joel gaining back a little too much weight so I'm having to watch fat content too now. (SIGH) But I'm hoping now that the weather is nicer, he'll be outside burning fat along with the carbs. :o) Thanks for sharing your find. I'll have to look for it in our store.

Unknown said...

We use Barowski's Whole is 21grams/slice (I trim off the crust...b/c Joe is picky that way :O() so for a PB and J it is about 47 grams. His lunch is usually 70-80grams though. It is his "big" carb meal of the day.

Amy said...

We use the same wheat bread we've always used... 13 carbs per slice... in a yellow wrapper, and right now I can't even think of the name of it, LOL.

What about using tortillas? My kids love them, and we do all kinds of wraps-- ham/cheese/lettuce/ranch, a whole banana spread with peanut butter, pepperoni/cheese, etc. Just be careful-- tortillas vary greatly in carb counts. Some are around 16 per tortilla, but we've had some as high as 24!

Donna said...

We use the WhiteWheat stuff. ;)

Meri said...

I have never seen this very thin bread! How cool is that!! Too bad my boys are bread snobs. They grew up eating bread from our bakery, and when we closed it a few years ago they turned their noses up to each and every store bought bread I brought home. Seriously, there were a lot of thrown away sandwiches. SO we finally found a bakery bread they will eat, and it isn't cheap, and it is by my hubby's main office that he only goes to once a month, and is also a couple hours away. So we buy bulk and freeze. It is WAY TOO MANY I'll often cut off the crust, but they eat it...and that makes my heart happy.

Hallie Addington said...

Well... Ave has only just now started to eat bread at all. So... However - this might be helpful. SOmeone showed me these new 100 calorie bagels. They are really thin - so I'm guessing have probably half the carbs. It might still be too much. I havent checked them out myself. But it's a thought.
Ahh... I love Publix! :) Not pushing or anything... just saying that this is one nice thing about the pump - no carb limits! When and if you're ready, it's a bonus! (no pressure!)

Jessica said...

We use Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat- the double fiber kind. It works out to about 10.5 carbs per slice after we do some fiber math.

Liam really likes it, but he doesn't eat the crust, so after I subtract that, it's hardly helping get us up to a decent carb count. There are those starving, need a PBJ kind of times around snack time when I'm grateful to have a slice be 10 carbs.

Wendy said...

Hmmm....well...we like GF bread :)

BUT...I think the pump would help your bread dilemma :)

phonelady said...

I use 100% whole wheat .

Cindy said...

I'm with Tammy! We use the Arnold Sandwich Thins. They are absolutely fantastic! Super soft, super thin. My daughter has become a bread fanatic in the last six months since she was diagnosed and eats bread left and right. The sandwich thins are great for giving her to snack on, work well as a hamburger bun, or for sandwiches. Love, love, love them!

Amanda said...

Reading that gave me a little panic attack! I don't have to worry about school lunch for another year and a half, but seriously? What if they don't eat it all? What if they trade with their friends and don't tell you? ACK!

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