Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Low bg and FCAT's don't mix....

Here in the good ol' Sunshine state we have our beloved (she says sarcastically) FCAT testing. EVERYONE dreads this week(sometimes 2 weeks for the older ones).

-This test has been known to hold students back a grade if they don't pass.

-They use it for placement in middle school/high school... you do well, your in gifted classes. Not so well, "boom boom" classes it is. Grades and hard work don't matter.

-Worst of all... You could be a straight A student with a 6.0 GPA. But, if you cant pass that bad boy in high school- you do not get a diploma. WTH?

Did I mention... parents, students and even teachers DREAD.THIS.WEEK!

Either way, as any mom would... I made sure they study, rest, eat well and so on.
But unlike most moms... I had other things to deal with to. I had D.

-I had to make the decision to keep him in class or have him test in an alternate environment.
(this IS a tough decision)

-I had to meet with the teacher to create the temporary care plan during testing.

-Parents are sending in post test snacks, so each morning I go in to carb count and give instruction.

-We have a 504 outlining the basics.

BUT, no matter how how much you prepare, D is always there and one small mistake, one forgetful moment opens the ugly door of opportuni-D.

Today was day 2 of testing. My husband drove Justin to school so that I could get a couple things done here. The plan was set. Then I get an email.

Mrs. Me,
This morning your husband came in and went over snacks with me. He said that Justin did have his sandwich and once he left I reminded Justin to eat it during morning announcements. He is always good about eating his snack so I did not "watch him" do it, as I had parents in the room and I was starting preparations for the FCAT. He either forgot to eat the sandwich or did not hear me remind him. I noticed his lack of ability to focus halfway through the test. I immediately sent him to be checked and he was low. We stopped testing at that point and he will continue the test with Mrs. assistant principal this morning. He has unlimited time with her. I apologize and will make certain tomorrow that he has everything he needs before we start and during our break. I spoke with him about going out of the room to finish the test and he seems fine with it. I also discussed the importance of him also remembering his snack in the morning even when his schedule is different than it normally is. I will give him another talk before he leaves!

I also received an email from Mrs. assistant principal.

He's with me now. He reviewed the first section of the test and is now completing the remainder of the test. No problems!

I called the school, of course! He was 46 and in la la land. They handled it. I am grateful that he was in his regular classroom because someone else may not have noticed.

I guess what I'm getting at is... this is just another way "D" showed me that no matter how prepared I am or how well thought out the details and schedules are... it's just going to wait, linger, lurk in the background and wait for the opportunity to make its presence known.



Unknown said...

OHHH, I am sooooo dreading this. Joe is in 1st grade so we haven't had to deal with standardized testing yet. I cannot even imagine. Lora, it sounds like you did an AWSOME job being prepared. Thanks for sharing for those of us following in your foot steps. Tell Justin "good luck" with his testing tomorrow from Joe's family. xoxo

Hallie Addington said...

D sucks! One more thing.... One a positive note, I'm glad that the teacher knows him well enough to know when something is not right. And her note seemed very nice.... I'm glad they are willing to do accomodations, too. D still sucks, though! Good luck, Justin!

Wendy said...

WOW...I'm not ready for any of this. ANOTHER HURDLE!!!! I'm so happy they picked up on the issue and got him some help.

Meri said...

Lora...all I can think is thank the good Lord for a teacher who understands. Yes, this totally sucked! But man, how much more could it have sucked without the teachers eye and willingness to accomodate. Maybe Jada's teacher needs to talk to Justin's!

I'm going on an ALL DAY fieldtrip tomorrow because of D. :p~~~~~~~~~~~ Always hurdles...but kudos to you and your hubby for the extra time and effort for Justin's sake.

(And what is up with relying only on this stupid test! I feel bad for the kids that are not good test takers. I know many of them. so not fair!)

Amy said...

Wow! Sounds like you have a very supportive glad for that! On the other hand....yeah...D just SUCKS!!!

phonelady said...

oh yes the dreded fcat here in florida and glad my sons were out of school before they started this garbage . I dont think so much of it cause some kids just dont test well and they cannot get a diploma if they dont do well on this test is just flat out wrong .im sorry got off track yeah ugly d rearing its ugly head again . Hope all goes well .

Mike LeBlanc said...

Glad it still kindof workout in the end Lora, but yes I agree, sometimes the D combined with all the other stuff just causes an overload... it's like the extra tiny drop that makes your glass overflow, but we can't give up and let D win !

Hang in there, you guys are doing great !!

Tracy said...

Sorry you/he had to deal wit that! But, I am SO glad they handled things they way they did! You are so lucky to have such great people taking care of Justin!

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

I can just imagine how you must've felt when you read that email. Thank goodness for a good teacher, though. I hope he did well on the FCAT!!

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