Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From the mouth of yours truly...

Welcome to another round of "from the mouth of yours truly".
HMMM~ lets see what hullaballoo has flown out of my lips recently...

- I wish that kid would get his finger out of his nose... it's kinda making me nauseous.

- (to go with the above) What do you think he's gonna do with it when he gets it?

- I need to wash my jeans, but I'm scared to because if they shrink... I'M SCREWED!

- I need to get some sun on these glow sticks I call legs.

- It's call Juvenile Diabetes... NOT Sugar Diabetes... Sugar DIDN'T cause this! (and yes, there WAS a bit of an attitude)

- OMG! There's a spell check on my Google bar! When did that get there? HOLLA!!

- I just looked down and realized this outfit makes me look like a bumble bee.

- I signed up for pump class... the girls are gonna be so proud!

This is a little bonus from the mouth of the hubby... in conversation with his boss.
- I just TELL my wife I'm doing it... WATCH THIS... (phone rings). Um honey(in his sweet voice)... Do you mind if I go to Texas?

What's come out of your mouth this week??


Jennifer said...

Whoo HOO! Pump class!

LaLa said...

Pump Class and Texas - Holla!!!
Come to TX with him!!
I would love to see the outfit that makes you look like a bumblebee!!!

Donna said...

YAY!!! To pump class! =)
Booooo to Texas. I only say that cuz I am roughing it without a husband this week and I am NOT particurally happy about it. LOL

Joanne said...

Okay, I feel stupid, but what is pump class? I'm sure it has something to do with exercise which is probably why I don't know!!!

I'll boo Texas right along with ya... and I live here!

Meri said...


And I just bought the most rockin pair of jeans. I haven't worn them yet...I don't want to get them dirty. Because if I did I would have to wash them...and I'm too scared.

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

You are hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! The line about the jeans hit home. Just last night, I debated whether to wash a particular pair of jeans. I am relieved to report that they're now clean and they still fit!

Unknown said...

So with you on the jeans sistah! I purposely don't wash them for weeks on end due to this fact...oh guys all know about my bathing issues as you must think I am really GROSS.

Thanks for the laugh this am.

Love ya!

Amanda said...

You are hilarious. I am particularly feeling your pain on the jeans and the glow stick legs! However, it snowed here today, so I am not hopeful that is going to change anytime soon. Rats.

Wendy said...

I bought new jeans...and refuse to wear them for fear that something might get on them and then I'd have to wash them!

WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!! You go, you soon-to-be-pumping mama!!!!!

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