Friday, June 25, 2010

Pump day number.... ummmm???

What day is it anyways??? I think it's Friday. So that would make this day 5 ;)

I am tired but I was doing great on those few precious hours of sleep... UNTIL last night anyways. I think someone forgot to tell D that we should be having more steady numbers now and that the lows need to go!

It IS all my fault though... I caused it... how? Well I jinxed myself of course.

It went a little something like this...
I have to fax in Justin's log to Dr. D everyday by 1:00. Tuesday and Wednesday's faxes were accompanied by an additional "low glucose log". BUT yesterday's... that's when I messed it all up.

Because in the notes section of the fax cover sheet I wrote this... "we had no low BS levels :)"

I think it was the little smiley that pushed D over the edge... he doesn't like that... happiness that is. So yesterday, all through the night and into this morning... we chased lows.

3pm - 54
5pm - 49
5:15 - 64
11pm - 53
3am - 91 (not bad, but me no likey at 3am... add 8c)
6am - 54
8am - 47

I am exhausted, beat, broken-down, burned out, collapsing, dead on my feet, dog-tired, done for, drained, exasperated, fatigued, finished, overtaxed, overworked, petered out, pooooooooooped, run-down, sick of, spent, tuckered out and worn!!!!!!!
**Disclaimer... thank you thesaurus.... I was to all of the above to think.

I do like the pump thus far and I don't think that the pump or the settings are the culprit of the sudden "crash syndrome" we have been up against. I just think it's one of those things... Those D things.

Let's hope today's 1:oo fax gives us some answers.


Heidi =) said...

Darn that D anyway, never allows rest for the weary. Sorry you had a tough night. You'll get it all figured out. I'm sure other pumping moms will be able to give you some advice. My only advice is find a nap today. Keep up the great work!

Meri said...

It will take awhile for Justins body to adjust to the new insulin. Dial down a little and I hope the night will be much better. But just a reminder, that changes can take 3 days to materialize the results you want. I don't know why, but sometimes it just takes that long for the changes to do their job.


phonelady said...

oh gosh sorry you are worn out and beaten down get some rest and I hope things straighten out soon .

The Crazy Pancreas said...

Hope things turn back around. And yes, D does not like happy! No more smiley faces. :)

Heidi / Jack's Pack said...

Nights like that are awful! They sure do make you feel exhausted, beat, broken-down, burned out, ... (You're a girl after my own heart. I love my thesaurus! :) )

I hope he's doing better now and tonight's a better night!

LaLa said...

Damn D-back off and give my girl, Lora a break tonight.

Love, Laura
:) :) :)

Unknown said...

Oh DAMN D!!! SUCKS ... and I am sorry about those numbers and yes, I too am grateful for the thesaurus so that we can describe how "D" runs us down, crushes us, exhausts us, makes us feel like rats on an exercise wheel, etc, etc, etc. Justin's numbers will sugar is an adjustment period for sure...and lots of tweaking.


connie said...

What a rough day!!! I am so sorry, I know exactly how you feel when chasing lows for hours on end :(

I hope that you have better numbers this weekend...(((HUGS)))

Hallie Addington said...

Good Hell! That was one hellacious day! Sone days are just like that. Pump or no pump. Keep in mind that you CAN dial down the basal- a basal reduction for a few hours or turn it off. I just started doing that and sometimes it seems to work better. Who knows?!? Just another weapon to add to the arsenal. Sure hope things are better! ((hugs))

Amanda said...

I felt the exact same way after Emma started her pump! Huge learning curve, and getting up more at night to check is so worth it in the end but the beginning kind of sucks. I always say that I can handle anything if i have sleep, but no sleep and I can't handle any thing. I hope things are going better!

I am sad. I missed your 100th post give away. Moving. No internet access. Saying good bye to cute husband for a know how it goes.

April Ann said...

When T started pumping a week and a half ago I was shocked how much less insulin he needed. I hope things have evened out. I love the pump, but feel your learning curve pain. I am unsure of everything all over again.

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