Thursday, August 19, 2010

How cool is this little dude???
NO CREDIT PLZ... I stole him!
For good reason... and that was to introduce you to Alexis over at Justice's Misbehaving Pancreas.

Justice AND Justin share a dx date (I had to throw that out there).

Pop over and say hello to Alexis and check out her blog back ground. I am a bit jealous of said blog background as I continue to look for one I like during my pain in the A** "remodel".


Unknown said...


Alexis Nicole said...

OMG this is so cool! I was trying to figure out HOW to do this, I think I know after seeing yours! Here goes..

Such a pleasure to meet you. If ever youre in Vegas we have to get the boys together!

PS: Amazing D report card!

And thanks for the amazing words on my blog! I cant take credit for the background, a friend made it for me :D

Misty said...

Haha...I'm sure you'll find just the right background and your remodel will be worth all the above mentioned pains in the a**.

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