Thursday, October 7, 2010

No D-D-D... D?!?....

George over at Ninjabetic had a great idea - a No D Day! Where we all blog about something OTHER THAN D. Now you would think this would be an easy task. But I am finding it hard to decide what to write about. Does this mean I am trapped in my D world? Wait... don't answer that! It's not allowed on "no D day".

I guess I will fill you in on some of things you never wanted to know about me. It's all about me on no D day.

My name is Lora Mae spelled L.O.R.A. I was sort of named after my great-grandmother Dora Mae. Except my mom didn't want to name me DORA(phew!) So I became L.O.R.A.

I have been married to the hubby (Anthony) for almost 11 years.

We have two pretty awesome kids!!!
However, they are not awesome enough for me to desire anymore. :)

People make fun of my Martha Stewart ways... I love to make stuff.
I have made a few costumes and every year I make this or that as friends/teachers gifts.
I even have a another blog to share these things... if only I could keep up with it.
Here are just a few examples of things I have made....

I also LOVE to plan parties... I get a little OCD about it all though. Kind of a sickness.
These are a few pics of Leighanna's tea party... it was my most favorite so far.
I even hand painted teapots

There is a little DIRTY SIDE to me too!!!
Did you know I like to ride...
Mind out of the gutter people!!!
I like to ride ATV's

YEP! This is me jumping.

I like drag race

I stole the hubby bike... he thinks I can't handle a "big boy quad".

What else is there????

I have 2 tattoos... sorry no pics!

I prefer a handful of true friends rather than an abundance of fake ass bitches!

I will do anything for you... unless I am done with you.

It takes A LOT... and I mean a shit load for me to be done with you. BUT... once I'm done... I'M.DONE!

I LOVE to learn new stuff. If it is not a challenge... I'm not learning.

I thrive on figuring things out. I might get pissed, but I will get it.

Black is my favorite color... can you tell??

I am bleep bleep years old... lol

I like all kinds of music... this comes from having a variety of friends. The exception to "all kinds" is hard head banging headache causing crazy stuff. I can only take so much of it.

chaos makes me crazy.

Not a fan of crowds.

I like it how I like it and its best to deal with it.

I love to read quotes and inspirational sayings... I write them down sometimes and stick them places as reminders.

I guess I need to cut it out before I miss "No D Day" all together.

But before I go... did you learn anything about me that you didn't know? Is there anything that surprised you?


Hallie Addington said...

LOVE you! Here's to no fake ass bitches! :)

Unknown said...


And you're HOT on that quad, girlie.

A HOTTIE for sure :)

Heidi =) said...

Yes I'll toast to that one too, no fake ass bitches in my life either I have no room for them!

Love learning about my new found friends! Your creativity is inspiring!

LaLa said...

Yea - no fake ass bitches!!
2 tattoos? Hmmmm - - - where are they??? I have 1 --- it's not for public viewing either. wink-wink!!

You are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

You are one talented mama! Love all the stuff you make! I'm stealing the flower cake idea! ;)

No fake ass bitches for sure!!!

That jump - WOW!!!

Pam said...

Somehow I don't picture Martha Stewart with tattoos! Other than the tats, and the fact that no one has ever accused me of being Martha, our personalities sound exactly alike.

Here's to no FABs!

shannon said...

Hi Lora,

Meri and B sent one of your awesome cards to my kid this week and I just wanted to pop over and say how much we liked it! So creative!

Meri said...

Why yes I did learn something. I learned the whole quad thing, and that ROCKS! I learned that you and are the same age. I'm bleep bleep years old too. Weird.

The more I learn about you, the more I love you. Cheers to real friends!

Unknown said...

Can I just say I officially love you?

The tats and quad won me over...oh and the "fake ass bitch" comment too.

You, my friend...are too cool for SCHOOL!!! HEART THIS.

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