Sunday, January 2, 2011

From the mouth of yours truly...

-I use to rock it with my tight rolls and my Members Only jacket.

-You've gotta kick it out wide and work the hips.

-This here is the "butterfly"... only white girl style :/

-You lay pipe like nobodies biz-ness.

-I think the grill just took off half of my eyebrows

-Your like the nugget that wont come off the dogs ass

-I'm thinking that gaining weight is not helpful when wearing stripper shoes.

-You don't give me chills... its more like a tic because you stress me out.

-You have officially lost all your pancreatic decision making rights.

-I think the Lollipop in my mouth will last longer than that will.

That's all I have for now... what have YOU said lately?


Unknown said...

Ah...I am afraid to ask..."you lay pipe like nobody's bizness????" "while sporting some tight rolls...wearing stripper shoes..." "while losing pancreatic decision making rights!" LOL.

Happy Sunday to you!

Cindy said...

HA! Love it! Thanks for the much-needed laugh this morning, Lora! Happy New Years to you!

Heidi =) said...

I love your "from the mouth of yours truly" posts. You must write this stuff down. My mushy, under-rested, overworked brain can't remember what I said yesterday let alone a whole months worth of funnies. You are awesome and hilarious!

Denise said...

good stuff :-)

Alexis Nicole said...

omg lmao!!!! I fuckin love u!

Amy said...

"You sound like your father" . . . to my husband ;)

"I gave her enough insulin to drop a horse. What do you mean she is 323?" . . . to my husband.

"I love you, Boobie" . . . to my son; his unfortunate nickname ;)

As for you, missy: "You have officially lost all your pancreatic decision making rights"
LOVE IT and and going to 'swipe' it, as Reyna says.

Heather said...

Oh my goodness! Those are awesome! Thanks for the laugh! I needed it today. :)

LaLa said...

You totally make me laugh! :)

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