Monday, February 13, 2012

Blue... as in Blue Heel Society

February Photo Challenge... day 13

I admittedly skipped yesterday. To be honest... my closet it a mess and I choose to take a nap rather than clean it for a picture. I hang my head in shame.
Today's challenge is "blue". HA! What D-Mama cant come up with something blue??

I have had this post planned for some time, but a few things(okay, one thing) had to happen before I could finish it the way I wanted.

WELL, it has happened, so here goes...

Today just happens to be the three month anniversary of a fun group dedicated to raising Diabetes awareness. You guessed it...

I think the idea is fantastic... what better excuse does a girl need to buy shoes?? So happy anniversary to them and on with this post for me...

Just so you know... I was wearing blue shoes before I knew blue shoes were so damn cool. Not very often that I'm ahead of the game, ya know.

February photo challenge photo

Granted they are not the blue shoes you would expect ME to wear, but even I have to throw on the running shoes sometimes and at least they are a damn good color.

Having said that... I have been checking out these sassy lil bitches for a while.


And guess what... they are on the way!!!! Thanks to my awesome husband. Happy Valentines Day to MEEEE!!!

There is nothing like a six inch (yes, I said six) pair of red bottoms to start a conversation and open up opportunity to spread awareness. And there is nothing better than looking damn good while doing it.

So, Hats off heels up to the founders of the Blue Heel Society... May we kick some D ass and raise awareness; one conversation at a time ;)

 **My blue shoes have a meaning behind them. Say something and I will tell you all about it.


Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

totally would have had to skip the pic of my closet, too!! ;)

Oh, and I can't WAIT to see you rockin' those lil bitches!!

I'm afraid the only people I would be able to talk to if I wore those would be the nurses and doctors treating me for a broken leg!! ;)

Alexis Nicole said...

Are those official. Red bottoms?? I'm dying. Gorgeous.

Thx for love twin, love u and your hooka shoes ;)

Kelly said...

Those are the sexiest shoes I think I have ever seen!

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