Monday, December 28, 2009

Not bad at all...

What a relief. Justin's A1c was a whopping....
It did go up.. (was 6.2) but I am not going to complain when I was waiting to hear an 8. (seriously)
We had a great appointment. We got a new purple meter(Justin's favorite color)
Dr. D sat with us for a while (as usual) and chatted about the lunch time dilemma.
He says that I can just correct him when he gets home... that's not so bad.
Then it was onto the pump...
Just as Wendy said "we have a choice of 3"
Ping ~ Minimed & Omnipod
Dr. D said it was our choice when we were ready and all I had to do was a little homework.
This is apparently to see if I am competent enough to count carbs in the proper manor :)
Hmmm ~ we shall see!!
I have decided to leave it up to Justin. He can get the pump if he is ready. On the way home(little more than a 45 min drive) we talked about it. I told him how it was 1 shot every 3 days and how within 3 days he now has 6 shots and could be getting up to 9 from now on.
He's pretty smart... he quickly did the math and the light bulb turned on :)
At that point, I gave him the brochures and let him look through them. I pointed out the CGM and told him what that was all about. In his words "I'll take that".
I don't even think he cares about the pump... he just wants the CGM.
Do you think maybe he's tired of poking his finger?

Either way, we need to make a decision though I believe it will happen when it ready to.
Dr. D did say that I don't have to deal with the Insurance...
That's good in a way, but I hate to convince Justin to go with it only to find out our NEW insurance isn't having any part of it. UUG!
Again, we will cross that bridge when we get there.

to everyone for your advice. I GREATLY appreciate all your support and I am sure I will be posting more questions soon :)


Hallie Addington said...

I just posted a comment and I deleted it. UGH!


YAY! That is a GREAT A1c! Way to go!!!

As far as the pump goes- I say go with your gut. THink about what matters most to you and use that to help you decide.

We really needed the TINY doses that the Animas PING allows. We also REALLY wanted that remote feature. We can bolus her at night without having to get the pump out and risk waking her. She can go play and we can bolus her and she NEVER KNOWS we did it. She feels NOTHING. THat's pretty cool. At her age, I like that she doesnt have to think about diabetes all the time.

Those were the biggies. I also liked that Calorie King is programed into the meter. You can look up food and keep certain meals handy so you can just select it in the future - like if you always eat the same thing at certain meals or certain places. SHe's a little fish so I like that it's waterproof.

I LOVE the IOB feature. I didnt realize I would but I don't think I could live without it now. For example, if she's 85 going to bed (close to low) and she's still got 1 unit of insulin on board - then I have a pretty good idea of how many carbs to give her. I get lots more info than if I just had the bg. LOVE it!

A cgm was not a priority for us- we might have chosen another brand if so. I just couldnt see doing 2 sites - she hardly has enough real estate for ONE site! I kinda wish I had one now, though.... hoping for an integrated site & cgm soon!

So- think about what you want and need most. The good news is that there are options! And hopefully you will find the one that fits your needs perfectly!!!

Good luck! And CONGRATS! :)

(was looking at your weather today while it was snowing here. I sure miss my second home! I soooo wish I was there!!! SOON!)

Meri said...

When I saw that A1C I gasped! A good gasp! I was/am so happy for you! I would have jumped up and done the happy dance when I heard that number!

Good luck with your search! You'll pick the right one for you! No worries. :)

Mike LeBlanc said...

Hi Lora,

Thanks for the comment on my blog ( And congrats on the A1C !

Happy Holidays!


Jennifer said...

I found a link that may help with comparing pumps but I don't know how to email it to you.

Lora said...

Thanks Jennifer ~ I just sent you an email :)

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