Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hot chocolate update...

Thank you all for your comments... I knew you all would back me up :)

I made a point to drive the kids to school so that I could talk to Justin's teacher about the hot chocolate. I explained to her how upset he was and how diabetes is hard enough without having to miss out on special things. I told her how excited he was about polar express day and how he was crushed by the whole outcome.

She was very apologetic. Said that she was TRYING to do the right thing. She told me she felt terrible about the whole not giving it to him and how she doesn't like handing things out anymore because she's worried about him. I greatly appreciate that and don't know if I am able to convince her that on occasion it IS OKAY!!!

When Justin came home yesterday, he told me that Mrs ___ told him she was sorry and she gave him some hot chocolate. I asked him what he said and he told me... "I told her it was okay mom".
So this morning; I found out that Mrs. teacher also stopped by and talked to the nurse. Mrs. nurse told her that the last thing that ALL the diabetic parents want is for their child to be left out.
I think she sincerely felt bad and she IS a great teacher.
I now feel bad for making her feel bad... ya know?? But I guess it had to be done.

Thank you all for your comments... I appreciate you listening to me wine.

Happy Thursday


Tracy said...

I am glad you went and talked to her and that she did feel bad. I am sure she thought she was doing the right thing. At least she now knows it is ok to give him treats like this on occasion!

Hallie Addington said...

Just think- now she knows more about diabetes and next time it will be different - for Justin and those that follow. Good work, Mom!

Meri said...

It's always good to get it out. Just last week my 6 year old came out of his Sunday school class chewing. "What are you chewing?" I asked. "fruit snacks! We get them every week!"

Say huh??????

This is after the long talk I had with his teacher. I told her, yes, he can eat snacks. If you bring one, tell me and I will make sure he gets insulin for it.

Oh well. I had to say something. She felt bad. But it is what it is, and he won't be mysteriously high after church every week like he was. :)

:) Tracie said...

Sometimes we need things like these to happen so we can all progress. We might not like them to happen, but in this case, it turned out good. (insert sigh of relief)

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