Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ignorance and understanding...

Ignorance and understanding... I was faced with some of each today. Of course it all revolves around the big D. Hey... these days... what doesn't?

Justin was invited to a birthday party. He was so excited of course. This is the first "friends" party, where I did not know the parents, that he has been to since he was diagnosed.
Okay, no biggie! I called the mom to RSVP. I left her a message asking her to PLEASE call me back.
The message went something like this... "Hi Mrs. Mom, My name is... Justin would love to come to the party on Saturday. I was hoping that I could talk to you very briefly about the party... I don't if you are aware that Justin has diabetes. It's no biggie, but I would greatly appreciate it if you would give me a quick call back. I just have one or two questions that would help me plan ahead with Justin's insulin. Thank you and I look forward to talking with you."

That was nice right??? Not creepy??? Or weird???

Did she call back? HECK NO!!!

That may require some courtesy. Who has that any more?

Again, no biggie... I loaded Justin up and we headed over to the laser tag place. When we got there... I checked his blood... 81... okay, as long as they eat first he will be fine.

We go in... the mom did not speak to anyone outside the circle of 3 or 4 people she already knew.
I seriously HATE ignorance... I am sorry... that IS ignorant. You are the hostess for crying out loud.
So anyways... in comes the worker and says we will be heading over to laser tag in 5 min... SHIT!! (that's right, I said shit) At 81, he can not go play 2 rounds of laser tag.
So I walk up and say to the mom... I will be right back... I need to go grab Justin something to eat before he runs around... she could have cared less... it was like I was some kind of bag lady asking for a handout.
Now keep in mind that had she CALLED ME BACK... I would have fed Justin on the way. But without knowing, I didn't dare.
So I ran down stairs... bought a pretzel and headed back up. Justin was sooo not happy that he had to stop playing freeze tag and eat, but I managed to get him to eat half...

Then... off they went to play (I stayed back which is a first for me). Once they came back... they sat down for pizza. For drinks we had... regular Coke, regular Sprite and Fruit Punch. (iy yi yi)
Okay... I just simply asked the worker guy if he happened to have anything diet.

Am I just expecting to much from people? When did people loose their ability to be considerate?
Where are the manners? WHEN DID WE LOOSE OUR MANNERS?

Whatever... it is what it is.

Now onto some understanding...

Leighanna also had a birthday party today (a sleepover). The rest of us decided to go out to dinner(Justin, Anthony and I). Justin choose Olive Garden (pasta again?? okay, I guess I don't need to sleep tonight).
We sat down and ordered diet Coke. When the waitress brought the drinks... I promptly double check that Justin's was diet.
All of the sudden the waitress says... "is he diabetic"? (yes)
OH when was he diagnosed (???a little over a year ago)
My daughter was diagnosed when she was 3... she's 5 now. (really)

We went on to have some light conversation... you know... who's your doc ... how did you find out etc. It was nice. AND when she brought Justin's refill... I didn't even ask if it was diet.

I don't know why meeting another T1 mom feels so great... but it does.

Happy Saturday!!!!


Hallie Addington said...

It always feels great to meet another one of "us"! SO glad that your night ended that way! Hopefully his bg will cooperate and you'll get some sleep!

Sorry about the birthday party. That sucks. I hope he fun anyway! Some people ARE just ignorant and they don't choose to change that. What to do? Unfortunately, we can only do so much. But you never know... maybe she'll think twice next time. Maybe she'll think about it later... Or maybe not! Either way, YOU did great! Way to go, Mom!

Meri said...

That mother can suck it.

How totally rude. I'm so sorry you had to deal with that. I probably would have ran to the bathroom and cried. Seriously.

I'm glad you had an awesome waitress tonight...our was awful. :( As soon as we told her we would be drinking water, it all went down hill. Like we were going to be so cheap, we wouldn't give a good tip or something. Hey...that water saved us a good 15 bucks woman!

Sorry again about the stupid person. She's on my list.

phonelady said...

Oh my god was that mom totally rude and ignorant ? YES she was and cannot believe that you had to confront this and that was stupid and ignorant to act that way . I have run into this so many times when my kids were little . My son never got invited back to partys after the first mom found out he was diabetic and the teacher as well . so how is that for being ignorant . that is their problem not yours and you acted the way anyone would have . I m with Meri she can suck it .

Wendy said...

I have "stalked" your blog before and now im going to say hi! I HATE ignorant people. I hate the weird looks i get sometimes when i have to ask for nutritional info or when i triple check to make sure its diet. You cant call back and answer a question or two?? whats that? If everyone could just be in our shoes for a few short hours no one would be assholes (pardon my french) ever again!! I hope to get to know you better. Its so wonderful to meet every d mom i can!

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