Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Teaching some responsibility...

Let me just put it out there... Justin is my baby. Mama's boy. My last. My youngest.
Therefore, I find myself doing EVERYTHING for him. In addition, he has always had things going on medically. We have done it all. The MRI's, Cat Scans, EEG's, allergy tests, sleep studies, ear tubes(twice), adenoids... bla bla bla!!! All this makes me pretty protective of him.

Except with Diabetes. I have found myself pushing him to learn. I make him read carbs in the store if he wants something(despite the odd and sometimes looks of disapproving older ladies).

I have it in my head that he needs to learn this stuff and I need to teach it to him while he still thinks I sorta know a thing or two. I had him doing this sort of thing right away. Why not? He's smart.

So the last few nights I have pushed more and more for him to start giving his own insulin. Maybe it was the fact that I had burgers on the grill, fries in the fryer, mushrooms and soup on the stove, a sick daughter, a husband building a loft bed and so on... So I tell him "check your blood and roll your insulin". He complies without thought. "114 mom", he says. "Okay, get a syringe. You need 7 units. Don't forget to go a little past".

I have to say I am proud. He remembered to put 7 units of air into the bottle before pulled 7 units out. He flicked the syringe and had it precisely on 7 and ready to go. He must be paying attention and that makes me happy. Granted, I can't let him mix the 2 insulin's yet, but hey!

Now if I con only get him to give himself a shot!!!!


Meri said...

That first shot is a doozy. They fight it forever. I got J to give himself his first pump insert...with a TON of prompting and encouraging...and he did it! And he was so proud...but the next time for a set change something was going on so my hubby just did it. BIG mistake. We were back at square one. If he just does it a few times in a row...he is in like flynn. So we've been doing what you are doing. Training him to put the pump together at set changes. We are working up to him actually poking himself again. No fun. It's not easy. But you are right. They need to learn now while they have a mild interest in listening to what we say. :)

Good luck Lora!

Jennifer said...

Go Justin! That is great!

Shamae (Ghost written by Loren her hubby) said...

Way to go! Awesome!! He will get there for sure! It always surprises me when older kids take more insulin. Too me, I know it will happen as Syd gets older but to think of 7 units at one meal? It's mind boggling for me now. Syd has never had more than 4 1/2 units at a time and that was a big dose. lol It's always a little hard when they start needing more and more insulin. This just reminded me that we will get there too. Life goes on even with the big D! (diabetes not diarrhea.) Although sometimes I think the 2 are interchangeable. :D

AjsMommy82 said...

Way to go Justin!!! He'll be ready to babysit all our little D kiddos in no time! ;)
We use an auto-injector and Alivia's already starting to help give herself shots!

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