Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Wazz up everybody?

Look! I even made a little logo thingy to use for these posts.
Guess that means your stuck reading about them for a while... OR maybe not(?!?).
So here goes... another post about everything you might not have wanted to know.
I have about 5 draft posts that I have not been able to finish because of that darned thing we call life. I phoned the "life council" and tried to have a heart to heart with them, but they wont budge.

Things have not improved on the "low" front. Unfortunately, my mind is so boggled with this... I can't think enough to fix it.

Justin's D-Aversary is in..... (????) 8 days. Two years in and I am still NUTS!! WTH? Someone promised me that I would find my sanity... I would like to collect on that please.

We had an Endo appt.(by posting this I can delete one of the above mentioned drafts - HOLLA!). It went well. Made a few changes. And also had a bitter sweet A1C of ....
Normally, I would say that's a kick ass A1C Mama Lora, but this time around it has come at the cost of some wacky, roller coaster kind of numbers... not steady pretty ones. UNLESS... pretty dang low with the occasional pretty dang high counts as pretty. NO?!?

OOOOH! Guess what - Guess what!!! I get to host the sugar bolus in a few weeks. Be sure to pop in and! For this weeks sugar bolus head on over to see Jen at I am your Pancreas.

I meant AFTER you finish here - Sheesh!

On Friday(yes, this Friday), I get to ride the big yellow bus(noo-wa! Its not the short one). Justin is going to the Performing Arts Center and since this is one of those field trips that DO NOT require chaperons(unless your 504 happens to say so) there should be "plenty of room on the bus" for lil ol' me. HAPPY-HAPPY-JOY-JOY!!

My lease goes back on the 20th and Anthony's goes back on the 27th of.this.month and I have no clue... no plan... and in 8 days no car. HMMM! Maybe this post need to go into draft too(?).

I just wrote 4 different checks to Girl Scouts... they sure stick it to ya these days.

Leighanna's birthday is in 10 days... I have no plan for that either.

Apparently, I am off my game!!!

I guess that's it for this week. I need to hunt for a ride before I become a permanent bus rider :)



Unknown said...

Oh many checks to Girl Scouts?! I am glad Bridget got outta that action. UGH.

Good luck on the car front and you gotta love the bus rides...with a bunch of noisy kids...going on a field trip. I get to do it all the time with Joe (as his mom)...they require I go on the bus for field trips. Otherwise, they would hire a nurse to do it.

Sorry about the lows, I hope the tweaks help. We are down to a few, few hour periods of 70s-90s...pelting sugar at my kid to keep him there. I am backing off of everything like crazy. You know, you and I will be blogging about highs in about 2-3 weeks don't ya? (((HUGS)))

Meri said...

I'm a little concerned. You're a little loopier than usual in this one. But I'm chalking it up to overwhelmednessisitus. (That is real by the way.)

You know that I too have been leaving things to the last minute these days, and, like you, I get to go on a field trip this week too! Pumpkin patch. Fun Fun Fun!! Happy Happy Joy Joy! Good luck finding a car! Get one that will put a smile on your face everytime you get in. :)

Nicole said...

I think that I have said it before but I will say it again I love all your logo's for your post.

Have a wonderful time on your field trip, Cara has not gone on a field trip yet...I'm looking forward to it!!

Amanda said...

You have a lot on your plate lady! Good luck!

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