Friday, May 13, 2011

Diabetes Blog Week... Day Five

Today's topic: Awesome thing(s) you've done because of Diabetes.
I am sure this is what Karen had in mind for today's topic, unfortunately, yesterday's blogger incident has me a tad behind. There is a cute ending to this short story and something that even happened only because of D, so I am positive you will survive.


Once upon a time in dreamland... I cooked in the mornings. But its too cRaZy around here in the mornings for me to keep up with my Betty Crocker like ways. Soooo...

We are an Eggo family during the week. We were that way before D came along and it was only a few short days before we were back on the Eggo's after D came into our lives. AND his blood sugar cooperates better with Eggo's than with cereal.

So this is how it happened...

Justin's typical breakfast consists of two Eggo's that add up to 32 carbs. However, this morning there was only one chocolate chip Eggo left and he wasn't "feelin" another flavor. No problemo... popped it in the toaster oven... ding... top it with whip cream, extra mini chocolate chips and call him to the table.

I grab the Ping remote and enter the info to bolus as I grab my cup of function coffee.

As I am stirring my stomach drops. I bolused him for the usual 32 carbs rather than 16 for one.


(me)Justin(insert what I did) can you go ahead and have a strawberry waffle or something too??

(J)No, I don't want one.

In disbelief that he just cant eat another damn waffle... I start to look around for 16 carbs of something.

(me/Anthony)How about a brownie? <------ this is the part that would not be happening at 6:30 in the morning if it weren't for D. (YAY for Justin!)

(J) Okay!

Yeah, of course!!!

So as he starts eating the brownie, he says...

"Mom, don't worry, its a small price to pay for my safety"

Anthony and I just looked at each other and laughed. Crazy kid!!!

Once again... Justin has survived my parenting skills and the torture of me "forcing" that brownie down his over bolused throat.

Happy Friday(Its still Friday... I made it!!!)


Michelle said...

Poor kiddo having to eat a brownie with breakfast ;) And his response to it is totally priceless!

Denise said...

Gotta love sweet treats at random times.
I always love when we tell Bryce he can't have dessert (due to whatever misbehavior) then he goes low and we have to give him something sugary anyhow.

Heidi / D-Tales said...

A brownie -- no better solution to the problem than that! Mmm mmm mmm! :)

LaLa said...

Hey - we are an Eggo family too. We like Blueberry and Chocolate Chip. Always with Whipped Cream! Yumm-o!!

I would have done the exact same thing because I bolus Nate for 35g every. single. morning!

1 waffle + 1 drinkable yogurt = 35g EVERY DAY!!

Justin's pretty funny too!!

Glad you caught up on D-Blog week - Blogger being down was a bitch!

Joanne said...

Mmmmm, yummy, chocolatey brownie! Can I have breakfast at your house?

Alexis Nicole said...

I love him. Twins i tell ya. Mommas and boys!

Unknown said...

HaHa!!! LOVE Justin saying "Mom, it is a small price to pay for my safety!!!" Now he is a character Lora.

The sweets are the awesome part when "making up the difference".

Anonymous said...

I will have to remember that trick. I have chocolate chip Eggos in my freezer, but if I run out I know what to have instead ;)


Amanda said...

It IS a small price to pay for his safety! That little Justin sounds like he has his mom's hilarious sense of humor!

Holly said...

Ha! I've had to do it too. Forcing yummy sweets on our kids. THey are such troopers. ; ) Justin is so cute, and he's learning! heehee

Anonymous said...

"Mom, don't worry, its a small price to pay for my safety"

That's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Just did the SAME thing on Tuesday! Only I didn't realize we only had one left in the box. So I bolused and then reached into the box to get two...and only one was there! I got her to eat a piece of toast with peanut butter, but only after I had to "explain" myself and my "irresponsible actions" to a 4 year old (Mom, why did you bolus for 2 waffles when we only have one?)Hate it when she gets the upper hand! HA! Loves!

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