Saturday, December 26, 2009

We hope you all has a memorable Christmas. Ours was wonderful. Busy as usual and I am worthless from all of the running and planning and running and cooking... OH did I mention all of the running around?
It's okay though because the kids truly give us a reason to celebrate.
For us, the celebrating begins during the annual Christmas Eve party at my sister-in-laws house. Lot's of family and friends to celebrate with... good food and the "big guy" himself even stops in to say "HO HO HO"... share some candy... take a few pics... and hand out a couple Christmas Eve presents to all the excited kids.
AND~ did you know Santa now has 3 (not one... not two... but THREE) RABBITS?
AND~ Santa also does balloon swords and animals. (he's known how to do those for years!)
Yep... the kids love Santa :)
THEN... there was Christmas morning. Leighanna was up at 6am. Not sure how since they were up ALL NIGHT waiting for Santa who couldn't come while they were awake. I ended up letting her wake up Justin at 6:30(not sure why).

After they racked up at home... we headed over for the annual brunch at Nonie's house where they raked in the presents again. They are truly blessed children for sure!!
Then it was back home to cook dinner for my family... and it was yummy!
Good thing because we will be eating it for a few days :)
Soo we hope you enjoyed your celebrations as much as we did.
From our family to yours...

Happy Holidays... 2009

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phonelady said...

same to you glad you enjoyed it .

Wendy said...

Beautiful family pic :) And that's Santa guy is one rockin' dude!!!

LaLa said...

Love that you guys get up close and personal with Santa. You'll have to let me know how you get that done! :-)
Beautiful pics - thanks for sharing!

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